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Mains, George


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Mains, George



George Mains and Mary Unknown

Pennsylvania and New Jersey to

Campbell/Bracken/Pendleton Co. KY

For many years, as a child I was impressed with this 8 1/2 brown cover book, that I was not to touch.  It was in an envelope addressed to my Grandmother, and sent from 603 Mayola Ave, Falmouth, Bracken Co., KY to  Mrs. O. M. DeCourcy, Revere Minn.  Redwood Co. Postage was 8 cents and the letter (from cousin, Bill Owen) inside said that it was 27 April 1925.  It contained this brown cover book, of about 40 typed pages, small holes nicely rounded with a pink ribbon holding it together. It is on paper that I would call onion skin, and looks like typed from a carbon.  Two family histories, George Lewis and Family from about 1750,  26 pages, and   Family of George Mains from about 1777, 16 pages. 


When my Grandmother died, it was given to my father when my folks moved to Redwood Falls, MN.  My folks tried to read it and retype it for several years.  Did a pretty good job, and then when Dad died it was passed on to me.  One day I asked another cousin in Campbell Co., KY if they had a better copy.  Instead she gave me the references to the William and Mary Quarterly, who were publishing family histories in the early 1920's. You will find it in college libraries, William and Mary Quarterly, Series 2, vol. 17 no 3  page 399- 408.  So thanks to the College of William and Mary at Williamsburg, VA, and a cousin, Bill Owen,  we have a start on finding our heritage.  Many thanks to Mary Buckley (Levi Mains), Margaret Ward (Laban Mains family) and Ronald Young (Philip Mains) with all the research corresponding that we did back in the middle 1980's, I have a more complete picture of The Family of George Mains.

I have posted four generations of George Mains and Mary Unknown' s family.  If there are corrections please let me know.  Also resources are listed. 

Please contact me if you have information.   e-mail

Several of us are part of the Bracken Co., KY mail list, and also there is a family mail list for Mains.   Where did our George Mains came from???   Many suggestions.  There were a large group of Mains/Maines who settled in Maine, and they ended up in PA and Ohio.  Are we connected???  Another researcher said we are part of the Means family?????  I have seen no proof of either of these theories.

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