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Beautiful Hills in the South East part of Kentucky.  Not much land for large families to remain there and group.  Especially if you had 16 children like some of our Baptist ancestors did.  Many left for greener pastures of Iowa and Minnesota.  We are one such family. 

Paintsville, Johnson Co., Ky seemed to be the shopping place; see photos of the Sherman Pack family trip in 1948.

We have many relatives in Johnson Co., KY.  Clayton Cox, the former editor of The East Kentuckian, in one of his letters said that my family was related to 50% of Johnson Co.  This I can believe.

In 1985, I created an index to the Table of Contents of 'The East Kentuckian'. This index only includes the volumes dated March 1979 to 1995, up to when Clayton died. Check your Genealogy libraries for copies.  This index is not done by specific title.  The titles are by county name, or family name first, this way you can find all the articles related to the name or place you are looking for.


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