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This is a reminder to all the families, to say a prayer in memory of our
Uncle Joseph Gocella
and cousin Robert Feura,

in giving their lives for
all us during World War Two.
Please pass their names down the family tree to remember forever !

And to remember all
those who served their country.
E. M. PETILLO., W. T. 3rd Class After a terrible experience in which his ship was torpedoed and sunk, Edward M. Petillo, W. T. 3/c., U. S. Navy, is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Petillo of 63 Cottage Row. Petillo is a survivor of the LST 750, which was torpedoed and sunk, Dec. 28, 1944, in the Sulu Sea on the trip to Jap-held Mindoro. His ship sufffered under a 36-hour attack by Jap planes. The LST 750 was bought by war bonds purchased in Pittsburgh and will be replaced in the near future. Petillo has seen 18 months duty overseas.