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Family of Alphonse Henry DELISLE and Thelma Jean DEARBORN

Husband: Alphonse Henry DELISLE (1921-2001)
Wife: Thelma Jean DEARBORN (1930-1967)
Children: Edward Gilbert DELISLE (1955-1994)
Marriage 30 Jul 1949 Lewiston, Androscoggin, ME, US1

Husband: Alphonse Henry DELISLE

Name: Alphonse Henry DELISLE
Sex: Male
Father: Francois Xavier DELISLE (1896- )
Mother: Ethen Gertrude ADLEY (1894- )
Birth 25 Oct 1921 Hallowell, Kennebec, ME, US2
Census 1930 (age 8-9) Mechanic Falls. Angroscoggin, ME, US3
Death 16 Jul 2001 (age 79) Hallowell, Kennebec, ME, US4

Wife: Thelma Jean DEARBORN


Thelma Jean DEARBORN

Name: Thelma Jean DEARBORN
Sex: Female
Father: Charles Henry * DEARBORN (1896-1954)
Mother: Ruth May * WIGHT (1900-1976)
Birth 18 Jan 1930 Lewiston, Androscoggin, ME, US
Census 1930 (age 0) Lewiston, Androscoggin, ME, US3
Census 1940 (age 9-10) Webster, Androscoggin, ME, US5
Death 24 Jan 1967 (age 37) Portland, Cumberland, ME, US6
Burial Pleasant Hill Cemetary7
Sabattus, Androscoggin, ME, US

Child 1: Edward Gilbert DELISLE


Edward Gilbert DELISLE

Name: Edward Gilbert DELISLE
Sex: Male
Birth 16 Jul 1955 Lewiston, Androscoggin, ME, US
Death 25 Jul 1994 (age 39) Enfield, Penobscot, ME, US4,8
Burial West End Cemetary
Penobscot, ME, US

Note on Wife: Thelma Jean DEARBORN

My Mother use to spend hours, straighten my hair, just to put it in rollers, to curl my hair. Mom always Dressed me in beautiful clothes, she gave me all her love and attention. My favorite breakfast, was toast, she cooked on the oil stove, burner cover. My favorite supper was Macoroni with Butter, Salt and Pepper. My Mother may have been poor, but she always treated me, as if we were rich. I remeber Christmas, when I was about 6 years old, all I wanted for Christmas, was a Black Baby Doll, she had to look everywhere for it, we lived in a city, where there were not too many Black People, but I knew only one Black Girl, her name was: Sheila Hall, she was very smart-straight A's, and when I opened my present on Christmas Morning, there was my Black Baby Doll, I named my Doll Sheila, because I was proud to know her and be her friend, I also received a beautiful card board table and chair set, which had Mother Goose, Three men in a tub, Mary had a little lamb, on it. My Mother never disappointed me, even when she died. I was 9 years old when she died. I had a wonderful life with My Mother, she had so little time, to teach, me everything I needed to learn, but the lessons she taught me still remains today. My Mother taught me, to treat people the way I wanted them to treat me, to respect my Elders, always do my best in everything I did, always be there for others in their time of need, in other words- Be All I Can Be. 9


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