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Family of Lamar MOODY and Ruth Evelyn AUSTIN

Husband: Lamar MOODY (c. 1925- )
Wife: Ruth Evelyn AUSTIN (1929-2014)
Children: Linda Diane MOODY (1964- )
Marriage 10 Apr 1963 Hattiesburg, MS, US

Husband: Lamar MOODY

Name: Lamar MOODY
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1925 (est)

Wife: Ruth Evelyn AUSTIN

Name: Ruth Evelyn AUSTIN
Sex: Female
Father: Oliver V AUSTIN (1890-1960)
Mother: Ruth Libby SHARBROUGH (1898-1943)
Birth 24 Jan 1929 New Orleans, LA, US
Death 10 Apr 2014 (age 85) Titusville, FL, US

Child 1: Linda Diane MOODY

Name: Linda Diane MOODY
Sex: Female
Spouse: Lance Edward DEARBORN
Birth 29 May 1964 Hattiesburg, MS