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Family of Eystein +* HALFDANSSON and Hilda + ERICSDOTTER

Husband: Eystein +* HALFDANSSON (736-810)
Wife: Hilda + ERICSDOTTER (739- )
Children: Geva + of VESTFOLD (760- )
Hlafdon II + (768-800)
Marriage 0756

Husband: Eystein +* HALFDANSSON

Name: Eystein +* HALFDANSSON
Sex: Male
Father: Halfdan I + OLAFSSON (704-750)
Mother: Asa +* EYSTEINDATTER (708-739)
Birth 0736 Vestvold, Norway
Occupation King
Title King
Death 0810 (age 73-74)
Cause: murdered


Sex: Female
Father: Eric + AGNARSSON (715-740)
Mother: Asa +* EYSTEINDATTER (708-739)
Birth 0739

Child 1: Geva + of VESTFOLD

Name: Geva + of VESTFOLD
Sex: Female
Spouse: Wittekind + (745-807)
Birth 0760 Vestfold, Uppland, Norway

Child 2: Hlafdon II +

Name: Hlafdon II +
Sex: Male
Nickname: Halfdon the Meek/
Spouse: Hlif + DAGSDATTER (772- )
Birth 0768
Occupation King of Eysteinsson
Title King of Eysteinsson
Death 0800 (age 31-32) Borre, Vestfold, Norway

Note on Husband: Eystein +* HALFDANSSON

Eystein Halfdansson (Old Norse: Eysteinn Hálfdansson) was the son of Halfdan Hvitbeinn of the House of Yngling according to Heimskringla. He inherited the throne of Romerike. He was known by his nickname Eysteinn Fart, an Old Norse name, possibly meaning "the swift".


His wife was Hild, the daughter of the king of Vestfold, Erik Agnarsson. Erik had no son, so Eystein obtained Vestfold as his wife's inheritance.


Eystein died while pillaging in Varna. King Skjöld of Varna, a great warlock, arrived at the beach and saw the sails of Eystein's ships. He waved his cloak and blew into it which caused a boom of one ship to swing and hit Eystein so that he fell overboard and drowned. His body was salvaged and buried in a mound. Eystein was succeeded by his son Halfdan the Mild.[1]


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