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Family of John GAHRES and Amy

Husband: John GAHRES
Wife: Amy (c. 1968- )
Children: Robert GAHRES
John-Mark GAHRES
Elizabeth GAHRES
Jeffery GAHRES

Husband: John GAHRES

Name: John GAHRES
Sex: Male
Father: Robert GAHRES (1926-1975)
Mother: Mildred HARDENSTINE (c. 1930- )

Wife: Amy

Name: Amy
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1968 (est)

Child 1: Robert GAHRES

Name: Robert GAHRES
Sex: Male

Child 2: Donald GAHRES

Name: Donald GAHRES
Sex: Male

Child 3: John-Mark GAHRES

Name: John-Mark GAHRES
Sex: Male

Child 4: Elizabeth GAHRES

Name: Elizabeth GAHRES
Sex: Female

Child 5: Jeffery GAHRES

Name: Jeffery GAHRES
Sex: Male