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Family of Timothy BROWNING Duewayne and Linda Ruth DEARBORN

Husband: Timothy BROWNING Duewayne (c. 1950- )
Wife: Linda Ruth DEARBORN
Children: Timothy Duewayne BROWNING
Heather BROWNING Renee

Husband: Timothy BROWNING Duewayne

Name: Timothy BROWNING Duewayne
Sex: Male
Name Suffix: Sr.
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1950 (est)

Wife: Linda Ruth DEARBORN

Name: Linda Ruth DEARBORN
Sex: Female
Father: Richard* Lewis DEARBORN (1927-1996)
Mother: Ruth Gladys * FLANAGAN (1927-2012)

Child 1: Timothy Duewayne BROWNING

Name: Timothy Duewayne BROWNING
Sex: Male
Spouse: Josephine Kimberly Grippo STROTHER (c. 1972- )

Child 2: Heather BROWNING Renee

Name: Heather BROWNING Renee
Sex: Female