Our Relations and Timeless Connections

Our Relations and Timeless Connections


Abernathy, Allen, Ambrose, Boulton, Brown, Cooper, Drummond, Eiserman (n), Ford, Gillispie, Goosman, Haney, Hanks, Jarred, Jared, Jarrett, Kerr, Kimber, Kinchin, Kinnear, Mackey, Mason, Micklesen, Moody, Moore, Moss, Murray, Osborn, Palmer, Peed, Pinkerton, Pospahala, Prentice, Realing, Roberts, Ruffin, Rusing, Schmeck, Scott, Shorthill, Shortill, Splawn, Stacy, Stahly, Wymer, and many many more.

Greetings Everyone!

    This site was created to share and exchange information. It is hoped that many new cousins will be found so that our families will grow in connections as well as content.
    My name is David Abernathy and my hobbies include genealogy, computers and soccer. I began my genealogical journey many years ago and it has taken over part of my life. I am a genealogy addict and I love it! I know my ancestors want to be found and they want to be remembered. I believe that by remembering them, we honor them.
    Many people, some related by blood and others by spirit, have contributed information/pictures to these pages and are gratefully acknowledged. They are (Abernathy Page) Erin Abernathy, Deena Warner, Annetta Mae Osborn, Peggy Sue Braun, Peggy Kay Hooper, Homer Fountaine, Jane sutter, and Norma Wilson. And (Realing Page) they are Monie Gebhart, Susan Bishop and Jerry Realing. There are way to many to list them all, and there will be more.
    Most of this research was done by others as I have not been able to get to these required locations. I have their permission to use this data. I spend my time working on this site as the others are doing the real research. The information that has been submitted by others and, to the best of my knowledge, is accurate.
    Sources used for the family connections contained here are various: Parish Church Records; Wills; Birth,Baptism, Marriage and Death Certificates; family Bibles, letters, obituaries, and personal knowledge of family members.
    If you have documented sources for any of the family members on these pages and wish to add to the collection, please contact me. If you see someone you think is yours, please let me know and we can compare information. If you believe we have a connection, but your ancestor is not listed, contact me and I will look in my private data base for your names.I have tried to protect the confidentiality of those who are still living.

    Come back here often. As time permits, I will be adding more pictures and information. The information contained herein is being made available for the purpose of furthering genealogical information.

Hugh Abernathy (1738-1826) Home Page This will take one to the Abernathy database at Rootsweb Connect.
The Schmeck Realing Home Page This will take one to the Realing database at Rootsweb Connect.
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All information provided and found on this site that was obtained from the from many members of this extended family and others that are not members. The information may be saved and stored on your local machine as well printed for individual personal use. However, distribution or mass reproduction with the intent of distribution in electronic or paper or any other format for pay without explicit permission is strictly prohibited. If your request is reasonable and in the Free Genealogist spirit, and you promise to clearly cite the source, and provide us with a copy of the publication, we usually don't have a problem with that.

If you wish to reproduce and/or distribute any content of Web Site, please contact "The Web Master" first to obtain permission. You may link to this information by using the following link "http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~dcabernathy/". This file name that is linked will NOT change, but ALL other pages are subject to change. Always link to the home page.


These pages will always be under construction! So please be patient as additions and improvements are made. Some of the files are large and will need a minute to load. If you experience a problem trying to access a file, try again. Someone else may be looking at the page you want to see. All information provided and found on this site is subject to human and mechanical errors and software gremlins.

Thanks for stopping by!
David C Abernathy,
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