Ancestry of Arthur Sherry

   Immigrant Surnames – Sherry, Wall, Manley, O’Maley, Sullivan, O’Connell, Devan, Gilboy


Homelands of Immigrant Ancestors



Ancestry of Katherine Kelly

   Immigrant Surnames – Kelly, McVey, Striebich, Loew, Fleckenstein



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Surname overviews


   Manley of Ohio Valley




Family photos


Newspaper collections

   Sherrys in Wheeling Daily Register       additional

   Sherrys in Belmont Chronicle

   Manleys in Wheeling Daily Register 

   Manleys in Belmont Chronicle     additional

   Shanley/Sullivan in Wheeling Daily Register 

   Shanley/ Sullivan in Belmont Chronicle

   Obituaries of Sigismund Low – Baden revolutionary /American engineer & publisher, great-great uncle of Catherine Kelly


Other related names from Belmont Co., OH; Allegheny Co., PA and Germany

Albrecht, Amoroso, Barry, Bohlinger, Bott, Boyle, Breuel, Brooker, Burke,

Conroy, Coyne, Crossgrove, Edwards, Erhard, Federer, Flynn, Gastinger, Gilboy, Goetz,

Grünfelder, Hackett, Hagen, Hanley, Hanlon, Härr, Hendricksen, Hoffman, Hollein, Hug, Hunter , Hyatt,

Kirchgessner, Knoebel, Leyden, Loyon, Maloney, Mayer,

McCullough, McIntosh, Mohr, Mundie , Murtaugh, Niele , O'Toole, Pope,

Prickett, Rieke, Riester, Rinderle, Roth, Rufer, Salatin, Schafer, Scherle, Schermer, Schill, Schlanz, Schubert, Selz,

Slezak, Smith, Sonnefeld, Streebech, Strübich, Summers, Tarbett, Thornton,

Upperman, Weber, Whelan, Young, Zähringer