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Welcome to my genealogy pages. I hope you will find something interesting or useful. If you find a connection or a mistake I would like to hear from you.


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My ancestors were primarily early Virginian settlers of English, Welch, Scottish, and Scotch Irish origin or German settlers of antebellum Texas. I do have a Northern branch of 17th Century New Englanders, including the first settlers of Block Island, as well as colonial Pennsylvania Dutch settlers from the Palatinate. My Scottish RAMAGEs and English LOOKEs were among the last to immigrate to America, arriving in Texas not long after the Civil War. All these lines migrated to central Texas, ending up in Austin where as a young girl my Great Great Grandmother Julia TIPS saw Comanches camping on land that was to become the University of Texas campus.

Julia Tips GOETH and daughter Caroline Athalie 1888

March 10, 2005 After almost six years these pages have been updated. Many changes have been made in the Web Family Cards, so make sure you look at all of interest to you. I am particularly happy with progress made on the PEARCE line, as well as new information about the LOOKEs and KEEVILs

Check back often for new additions. Hopefully I will be able to add some more reports in the Surname Link section.

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