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Daniel T. Rogers(b. 1943) - all my relatives


Thomas Read +

1Jacob Whittemore Reed, History of the Reed Family in Europe and America, p. 35 (1861).
"Thomas Read, Esq., of Barton Court in the county of Berks, was living in 1575. He married Ann, the daughter of Thomas Hoo, Esq., of the Hoo, in the county of Hertford; and they had Thomas of Barton, who married Mary Stonehouse, of Little Peckham in the county of Kent, and Radley. He was clerk of the Green Cloth. They had a son of the same name, who was knighted, and married Mary, the daughter of Sir John Brocket, of Brocket Hall in Hertfordshire. Their children were Thomas, John, and James, who were all baroneted. They also had two daughters. Thomas, son of Sir Thomas and Mary, married Mary, the daughter of Thomas Cornwall, Lord of Strophshire. Their children were Compton, Edward, and three sons whose names are not given, but probably Thomas, William, and John, who came to America. Compton, the son of Sir Thomas and Mary, married Mary, the daughter of Gilbert Cornwall of berford. They had one child, anmed Edward, who succeeded his father to Shipton House in Oxford, and Barton in Berkshire, and was made baronet, in 1660, by Charles II. He married elizabeth, the daughter of Francis Hardy, Esq., of Adston in Northampton. Their children were, --- Thomas, who succeeded his father; and George, who became member of Parliament for Tukesbury in the county of Gloucester, and was a brigadier-general. Thomas the son of Edward and Elizabeth, married Jane Dutton. They had a son named John, who succeeded his father to his estate and titles.".

Isaac Learned +

1William Richard Cutter, Historic Homes and Places and Genealogical and Personal Memoirs Relating to the Families of Middlesex Co., Massachusetts, Vol. 3, p. 1038 (1905).
"(II) Isaac Learned, son of William Learned (1), born in England, in Bermondsey, Surrey,came with his father to Charlestown; was also an early settler of Woburn; was admitted a freeman in 1647. He sold his property at Woburn in 1652, and removed to Chelmsford among the first settlers, and became a prominent citizen; was selectman. He married, July 9, 1646, Mary Stearns, daughter of Isaac Stearns, of Watertown. (see Stearns). She married (second), John Burge. Children: 1. Mary, married Moses Barron. 2. Hannah, married Joseph Farwell. 3. William, shipmaster, never married. 4. Sarah, married Jonathan Barrett. 5. Isaac, born September 1655, mentioned below. 6. Benoni, born November 29, 1657, settled in Sherborn; married Mary Fanning and Sarah -------.".