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Daniel T. Rogers(b. 1943) - all my relatives


Benjamin Sackett

1C. H. Weygant, The Family Record: Devoted for 1897 to the Sackett, the Weygant and the Mapes Families, and to the Ancestors of . . ., p. 138 (Jan 1897).
554. BENJAMIN SACKETT, 1752-1826, of Stephentown, N. Y. married in 1773 Phebe Davis. He was an active participant in the war of the Revolution, serving as a private soldier in four campaigns. 1st in Capt. King's Co., and 2nd in Capt. Noble's Co. of Col. Whitney's Regt.; 3d in Capt. Allen's Co. of Co. Harper's Regt., and 4th in Capt. Turner's Co. of Col. Van Rensselaer's Regt.
558d. John 1774-1841.
558e. Betsey, 1774-1814.
559. EZRA D. 1779-1858
560. Richard, 1781-1814
561. Calvin P. 1783-1853
562. Lois, 1786-----?
562a. Daniel 1788-----?
562b. Almeron, 1789-1801
562c. Benjamin, 1892-----?
562d. Lavina, 1795-1819."

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