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Daniel T. Rogers(b. 1943) - all my relatives


Richard Bushnell

1R. D. Smyth, Francis Bushnell of Guilford, Conn. and His Descendants,, NEHGR Vol. 53, pp. 209-210 (Apr. 1899).
"5. RICHARD2 BUSHNELL (Francis1), of Saybrook and Norwalk, Conn. He is said to have lived in Norwich for a time, at the close of his life. He married, Oct. 11, 1648, Mary Marvin, daughter of Matthew Marvin of Norwalk. She was born 1629, and came to New England with her father in 1635. She married second, Dea. Thomas Adgate in 1660, and died March 29, 1713. Her second husband died in July 1707. Matthew Marvin in his will, in 1673, gives L10 each to his grandsons, Richard and Francis Bushnell.
The children of Richard and Mary (Marvin) Bushnell were:
10. i. JOSEPH,3 b. May, 1651; d. Dec. 23, 1748.
11. ii. RICHARD, b. September, 1652; d. Feb. 27, 1727.
12. iii. FRANCIS, b. January, 1654.
iv. MARY, b. January, 1654; m. Thomas Leffingwell, Jr., of Norwich, September, 1672.
v. MARCIE, b. 1657. (N.-E. Hist. Gen. REG., XVI, p. 251, calls her Maria).".

Edward White

1William Richard Cutter, Historic Homes and Places and Genealogical and Personal Memoirs Relating to the Families of Middlesex Co., Massachusetts, Vol. 3, p. 968 (1908).
"WHITE Edward White. the immigrant ancestor, was born in England in 1593 and resided in Cranbrook, county Kent, England, until June, 1635, when he sailed for America in the ship "Abigail" of London with his wife Martha, aged thirty-nine, and two children---Mary, aged eight, and Martha, aged ten. He settled in Dorchester, Massachusetts, and was admitted a freeman May 26, 1647. Savage gives the date as December 7, 1636. There were two other immigrants of the same name, one settling at Roxbury and the other at Charlestown, or the evidence seems to indicate that there were three Edward Whites. On account of the large number of early settlers of the name of White, no name presents more difficulties to the genealogists, There were three immigrants of the name of John White having numerous descendants in the same locality. Thomas White, of Weymouth, has a large posterity, and the descendants of William White, father of Peregrine, are also numerous.
Edward White's descendants and those of Thomas White, of Weymouth, are found in the same localities in Braintree, Dorchester and vicinity. Children of Edward: 1. Martha, born 1625 in England. 2. Mary, born 1627 in England. 3. James, Born January 1, 1637, mentioned below. 4. John, born December 15, 1639, married, January 11, 1663-64. Mary Swift. Henry, married Mary ------ and had at Dorchester ten children. 6. Peter, settled in Milton where many of his descendants have resided.
(II) James White, son of James White (I) (sic), was born in Dorchester, January 1, 1637, and was baptized in 1638 at Dorchester. . . .".