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Daniel T. Rogers(b. 1943) - all my relatives


Captain Edward Bangs

1David Hamblen, The First Settlers of Eastham, Mass., NEHGR Vol. 6, p. 167 (Apr 1852).
"EDWARD BANGS, m. Rebeckah-----; chn. Bethiah, b. May 28, 1650; Marcy and Apphia, (twins) b. Oct. 1651; Jonathan, Joshua, John, Rebeckah.".

Jedediah Strong

1Benjamin Woodbridge Dwight, The History of the Descendants of Elder John Strong, of Northampton, Mass., Vol. 2, pp. 769-770 (1871).
"8-9. iv. JEDEDIAH STRONG (son of Elder John Strong of Northampton and Abigail Ford) b. May 7, 1637, (and bapt. April 14, 1639), m. Nov. 18, 1662, Freedom Woodward, bapt. at Dorchester, Mass., in 1642 (dau. of Henry Woodward, afterwards of Northampton, and "one of the pillars of the church," there, and Elizabeth his wife. He was a farmer at Northampton until 1709, when at the age of 70 years and upwards removed with his family to Coventry, Ct., where 24 years afterwards d. May 22, 1733, aged 96; during the years 1677-8 & 9, he was paid 18 shillings a year for blowing the trumpet on Sunday to summon the people to church. His wife Freedom d. May 17, 1681, and he m. Dec. 19, 1681. for 2d wife Abigail Stebbins b. Sept. 6, 1660 (dau. of John Stebbins, of Northampton, and Abigail Bartlett -- dau. of Robert and Anne Bartlett, of Hartford, and afterwards of Northampton). She d. July 15, 1689, and he m.Jan. 5, 1691-2. for 3d wife Mrs. Mary (Hart) Lee widow of John Lee, of Farmington, Ct., and dau. of Stephen Hart, of Farmington. He lived with his first wife 19 years, with his second 7, and with his third wife 9, and notwithstanding his three marriages spent 33 years as a widower, and 61 unmarried. His wife Mary d. Oct. 10, 1710, from the injury which she received the day previous, by the fall of the horse on which she was riding (on a pillion behind her husband), just started well on their way to Coventry, together, to visit their children. The record reads thus at Northampton: "Oct. 9, 1710, Jedediah Strong, and wife set out early in the morning to visit their children, at Coventry; but when they came against the Falls (at S. Hadley) among the broad smooth stones, the horse's feet slipped up and he fell flat on the off side and by the fall killed the woman; though she was not quite dead then, but had life in her until the next day --- yet never spoke a word." He was constable in 1683.
[3rd Gen.] Children:
By first wife:
14256- 7. i. ELIZABETH Strong b. June 9, 1664, m. Ebenezer Wright.
14258- 9. ii. ABIGAIL Strong b. July 9, 1666, m. Thomas King.
14260- 1. iii. JEDEDIAH Strong d. Aug. 7, 1667, d. Oct. 12, 1709, aged 42.
14262. iv. FORD Strong, b. Sept. 2, 1668, d. Nov. 1, 1668.
14263. v. A child unnamed b. Oct. 11, 1669, d. in 1669.
14264- 5. vi. HANNAH Strong b. Feb. 3, 1671, m. Benjamin Carpenter d. March 20, 1762, aged 91.
14266- 7. vii. THANKFUL Strong b. April 15, 1672, m. Dea. Thomas Root, Jr., d. April 16, 1742, aged 70.
14268. viii. JOHN Strong b. Nov. 15, 1673, d. Nov. 1673.
14269-70. ix. LYDIA Strong b. Nov. 9, 1675, m. David Lee, d. July 16, 1718.
14271. x. MARY Strong b. May, 1677, d. soon.
14272 xi. EXPERIENCE Strong b. Aug. 19, 1678, d. Sept. 16, 1678.
14273- 4. xii. PRESERVED Strong b. March 29, 1680.
14275. xiii. JOHN Strong b. May 10, 1681, d. April 21, 1699, aged 18.
By second wife:
14176- 7. xiv. MARY Strong b. in 1683, m. April 18, 1711, Ebenezer Pixley b. in Northampton, May 3, 1678 (son of Wm. Pixley of Hadley, and afterwards of Northampton, and Sarah Lawrence). He d. in Westfield, in 1716. They had one child Elijah Pixley b. in 1714, that d. in 1716.".