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Daniel T. Rogers(b. 1943) - all my relatives


John Faunce

1J. H. Beers & Co., Representative Men and Old Families of Southeastern Massachusetts, Vol. 2, p. 606 (1912).
"(I) John Faunce came to Plymouth in the "Ann" in August, 1633. He was, perhaps, then a youth, as no wife or child is mentioned for a decade. He was a freeman in 1633, in which year he married Patience, daughter of George Morton, and had : Priscilla, who married Joseph, son of Richard Warren, of the "Mayflower" ; Mary, who married July 15, 1658, William Harlow ; Patience, who married Nov. 20, 1661, John Holmes; Sarah, who married Feb. 26, 1663, Edward Doty, son of Edward of the "Mayflower," and (second) John Buck; Thomas, born about 1647; Elizabeth, bom March 23, 1648; Mercy, born April 10, 1651, who married in December, 1667, Nathaniel Holmes; Joseph, born May 14, 1653; and John, born Nov. 29, 1654 (probably died young).".

Stephen Paine

1Henry D. Payne, Paine Family Records: a Journal of Genealogical and Biographical Information Respecting the American Families of Payne..., Vol. 1, p. 165 (1880).
"Stephen (II), son of Moses (I), was born in England 1628, and came to this country before 1632. He married 1651, Nov. 15, HANNAH BASS, daughter of Samuel and Ann Bass, of Roxbury; sergeant, artillery Co., 1649; Freeman, 1653. Died July 29, 1691. The widow, Hannah, married 2d Shadrach Wilbur, of Taunton, 1692. The children of Stephen and Hannah, all born in Braintree, were:
STEPHEN (III), born 1652.
SAMUEL (III) born 1654.
HANNAH (III), born 1656; married, Jan. 21, 1673, Theophilus Curtis.
SARAH (III) , born 1657; married Jan. 22, 1697; Roger Billings, Jr., of Dorchester.
MOSES (III), born 1660
JOHN (III), born 1666.
LYDIA (III), born 1670, married June 20, 1689, Benjamin Wade."

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