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Daniel T. Rogers(b. 1943) - all my relatives


Samuel Howe

1Ellery Bicknell Crane, Historic Homes and Institutions and Genealogical and Personal Memoirs of Worcester Co., Massachusetts, Vol. 1, p. 282 (1907).
"(II) Colonel Samuel Howe, son of John Howe (10, was born October 20, 1642, in Sudbury, Massachusetts. He married, June 5, 1663, Martha Bent, daughter of John Bent, of Sudbury, and settled in his native town. He was admitted a freeman in Sudbury in 1671. He married (second) Sarah Clapp, September 18, 1685, and had other children. He was an important man in his day. He was colonel of the regiment made up of companies from the towns in the vicinity. He was a town officer.
The children of Samuel and Martha (Bent) Howe were: John, born July 24, 1664; Mary, March 2, 1665; Lydia; Samuel, May 19, 1668; Martha, October 9, 1669; Daniel, November 2, 1674; David, November 2, 1674; Hannah, April 6, 1677. The children of Colonel Samuel and Sarah (Clapp) Howe were: Daniel, February 24, 1689; (probably) Moses, about 1695; Micagah(sic), August 22, 1700.".

2A. H. Ward, Sudbury Records, NEHGR Vol. 17, pp. 256-260, 311 (Jul 1863).
Samuel How & Martha Bent,.........................5 June 1663
John, son of Samuel & Martha How...............born 24 July, 1664
Mary, daughter of Samuel & Martha How,......born 2 May, 1665
Samuel, son of Samuel & Martha How,..........born 19 May, 1668
Daniel, son of Samuel & Martha How,............born 9 Oct. 1672
David, son of Samuel & Martha How,.............born 2 Nov. 1674
Hannah, son of Samuel & Martha How,..........born 6 Apl. 1677.".

Elizabeth Verney +

1ELIZABETH VERNEY (1558-1590+).
"Elizabeth (sometimes called Eleanor) Verney was the daughter of Sir Henry Verney. Queen Elizabeth was her godmother. She married William Palmer (c.1545-1587?) and was the mother of Catherine (1580-1661), Thomas (1582-1605), Abraham (1583-1653), Walter (1587-1638), Sarah (1587-1633), John (b.1589), and William (1590-1661). Some sources say that William Palmer was her first husband, married in 1575, by whom she had no children, and that her second husband was William’s brother, John (b.1544), father of those listed above plus Nathaniel and a second John. The date of this second marriage is listed as 1579. Portrait: c.1590."

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