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Daniel T. Rogers(b. 1943) - all my relatives


Richard Cummings

1Rev. George Mooar, The Cummings Memorial: A Genealogical History of the Descendants of Isaac Cummings, an Early Settler of Topsfield,Ma. . ., pp. 90-91 (1903).
"78. RICHARD CUMMINGS (Samuel4, John3, Isaac2, Isaac1) married March 8, 1794(sic), Elizabeth, daughter of Philip and Jemima (Smith) Robbins, born July 8, 1754, of Walpole, Mass. He came to Stirlington, that is Union, Me., in 1776, and built the second house there (a log house) that year. His family came in the fall. They were accompanied by the family of Philip Robbins, Richard's wife father. David Robbins, her brother, made the third family in the settlement. A fire in a barn in 1778 destroyed a large part of the little crop that had been stored. He was the first person who tanned hides in the town. He lived on the west side of Seven Tree Pond. He was among the supporters of the early Baptist religious services, 1809.
176. i. David, born Nov. 2, 1775, in Sharon.
ii. Esther, born Oct. 9, 1777; died May 11, 1793. Returning from her funeral in a boat, Mrs. Benjamin Maxcy and two daughters were drowned. History of Union, page 69.
iii. Polly, born Feb, 17, 178-; died Dec. 18, 1781.
iv. Elizabeth, born Oct. 25, 1781; married, March 6, 1800, Samuel Perham, who was drowned in St. George's River, Warren.
1. Otis.
2. William; married Cecelia Tobey. He died at sea.
3. Mary; married George Tobey. Resided, Jefferson, Me.
v. Susanna, born April 30, 1783; married, July 11, 1798, John Mahoney. Resided, Lincolnville. Fifteen children. (O. L. C. says seven.
vi. Sally, born Feb. 18, 1785; married, Feb. 6, 1831, John Robinson, of Hope. Married, second, Francis Fletcher, Lincolnville.
177. vii. Philip, born May 6, 1787.
178. viii. Suell, born Jan. 2, 1789.
ix. Melinda, born Jan. 2, 1791; married, Jan. 22, 1817, James Fuller. Married, second, Givens Fuller. Children: Miles, James, Elizabeth, Mary Jane, George, Charles.
x. Chloe, born May 2, 1792; married Alpheus Collamore, (his second marriage). He had been married first to Deborah Grinnell, by whom he had three children.
1. Deborah Grinnell, born Jan. 10, 1814; married Benjamin Brown, Jr., of Appleton.
2. Elbridge Gerry, born July 10, 1815.
3. Melenda C., born Oct. 29, 1816.
4. Elison, born, Sept. 5, 1818.
5. Jane, born March, 1820.
6. Susan, born Sept. 26, 1822.
7. Nancy, born Dec. 8, 1823.
8. Richard, born Jan. 20, 1826.
9. Polly, born July 4, 1829.
10. Andrew Jackson, born July 4, 1829.
xi. Richard, born July 27, 1794; married, March 1, 1821, Elsie Robinson, of Hope. He was in the War of 1814, was wounded at the battle of Bridgewater, and received a pension.".