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Daniel T. Rogers(b. 1943) - all my relatives


Job Crocker

1 Amos Otis, Genealogical Notes of Barnstable Families, p. 216 (1888).
"5. Dea. Job Crocker. Few men in Barnstable were held in higher esteem in his day, than Dea. Job Crocker.
. . .
Dea. Job Crocker married for his first wife, Nov. 1668, Mary, daughter of Rev. Thomas Walley, the then pastor of the Barnstable church. She was born in London and there baptized April 18, 1644. She came over with her father in the ship Society, Capt. John Pierce, and arrived in Boston 24th of the 3d month (May) 1662. She died about the year 1676, leaving two children.
For his second wife he married, 19 July 1680, Hannah, daughter of Richard Taylor of Yarmouth, called "tailor" to distinguish him from another of the same Christian name. He died March 1718-19, aged 75 years, and is buried in the ancient burying ground. His wife Hannah survived him, and died 14th May 1743, in the 85th year of her age.
. . .
Children of Dea. Job Crocker.
21. I. A son, born 18, 1769, died in infancy.
22. II. Samuel, 15th May, 1671, married Dec. 10, 1696, Sarah, daughter of Robert Parker, and for his second wife, April 12, 1719, Judith Leavet, of Rochester.
23. III. Thomas, 19th Jan. 1674, married 23d Dec. 1701, Elizabeth, widow of "John Lothrop, the son of Esquire Barnabas Lothrop."
24. IV. Mary, born 29th June, 1681, married June 19, 1719, John Howland, Jr., his second wife, and had John 13th Feb. 1720-21, graduate of Harvard College 1741, ordained at Carver, 1746, died Nov. 4, 1804, aged 84; and a son Job, June 1726.
25. V. John, 24th Feb. 1683, called Dea. John.
26. VI. Hannah, 2d Feb. 1685. [A Hannah Crocker pf Barnstable, married July 7, 1712, John Holden of Warwick.]
27. VII. Elizabeth, 15th May, 1688, married April 5, 1712, Rev. Benjamin Allen, a native of Tisbury, Martha's Vineyard. He graduated at Yale College 1708, ordained July 9, 1718, as the first minister of the south parish in Bridgewater, where he remained about twelve years. He was afterwards installed at Cape Elizabeth where he died May 6, 1754, aged 65. He was improvident in his habits and in consequence often involved in troubles. One of his granddaughters by the name of Jourdan, married Rev. Enos Hitchcock, D. D., of Providence.
28. VIII. Sarah, born 19th Jan. 1690-1, married May 27, 1725, Brenjamin Lumbard, Jr., died Nov. 1768, age 76, leaving no issue.
29. IX. Job, 4th April 1694, died May 21, 1731, aged 37. He did not marry.
30. X. David, born 5th Sept. 1697, graduate of Harvard College 1716, married 12th Nov. 1724, Abigail, daughter of David Loring, and Jan, 27, 1757, Mrs. Abigail Stuary. He died in 1764, aged 67.
31. XI. Thankful, born 14th June, 1700, died unmarried Oct. 1, 1735.".