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Jonathan Sanders

1George Rich, Genealogy: Ancestors and Descendants of John Sanders, Fort Covington, N.Y., pp. 12-13 (1922).
Jonathan Sanders (Avery, James, John, John).
Jonathan Sanders, (born Feb. 23, 1711-12), on reaching manhood, removed from Haverhill to Hampton, N. H. According to the town records, he was there as late as 1732. He next located in Chester, situated west of Hampton. When this latter town was incorporated in 1719, more than half the grantees were from Hampton and Hampton Falls. Others came from Haverhill and Newbury, Mass., but there were none of the name Sanders among the first settlers.
Here at Chester he married Sarah Rowell, daughter of John and Elizabeth Rowell, who in 1729, had removed to Chester from Salisbury (see Rowell, page----). Two years after the birth of the youngest child (Avery, 1761), the family removed to Haverhill, N. H., on the Connecticutt River, where the father, Jonathan, purchased 100 acres; the purchase lay in the disputed territory between the towns of Haverhill and Piermont. It is said that he was the first school teacher at Haverhill and was known as "Master Sanders." He was very active in local affairs, serving as Selectman, etc. The following inscription is upon his tombstone in th Ladd St. Cemetery, "Died Jan. 1st, 1774, in the 64th year of his age." His four sons all served in the Revolutionary War.
(References: History of Haverhill, by G. W. Chase; History of Haverhill, N. H., by Wm. F. Fletcher; History of Chester, N. H.)
Sarah, b. at Chester, N. H., Nov. 18, 1743.
Abigail, b. at Chester, N.H., Sept. 5, 1745; m. John Page, Dec. 18, 1766.
Jonathan Jr., b. at Chester, N.H., Oct. 17, 1747; m. Abigail Bachelder, Sept. 12, 1770.
Meriam, b. at Chester, N.H., Dec. 4, 1749; m. Geo. Moore, Feb. 3, 1770.
Obededone, b. at Chester, N.H., Dec. 4, 1751; m. Maribah Stone, June 26, 1769.
Elizabeth, b. at Chester, N.H., Apr. 21, 1754; m. Joseph Fifield, Feb. 20, 1777.
*John, b. at Chester, N.H., Dec. 1, 1756; m. Esther Chapman, Dec. 23, 1779.
Ruth, b. at Chester, N.H., May 16, 1759; m. John Bucknall, Sept. 16, 1779.
Avery, b. at Chester, N.H., Sept. 8, 1761; m. Ednah Chase, Dec. 11, 1783.".