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Daniel T. Rogers(b. 1943) - all my relatives


Ebenezer Thayer Jr.

1Bezaleel Thayer, Memorial of the Thayer Name: from the Massachusetts Colony of Weymouth and Braintree, Embracing Geneological and . . ., p. 515 (1874).
Second child of Ebenezer and Martha Thayer, married Sarah Wheelock, of Bellingham, Mass., 1724, and settled in that place. Farmer. Children are:
1. Jeremiah, born 11 Mar. 1725
2. Sarah, born 22 Feb. 1727
3. Noah, born 4 May, 1730
4. Ebenezer, born 16 Jan. 1732
Died 14 July, 1733.
5. Ebenezer 2d, born 1734
6. Jerusha, born 27 Feb. 1736
Died 22 Aug., 1740
7. Patience, born 16 Apr. 1739
8. Jerusha, born 26 Mar. 1741
9. Ezekiel, born 13 Oct. 1745
10. Nehemiah, born 12 Oct. 1747.".

Jeremiah Thayer

1Bezaleel Thayer, Memorial of the Thayer Name: from the Massachusetts Colony of Weymouth and Braintree, Embracing Geneological and . . ., p. 515 (1874).
First child of Ebenezer and Sarah Thayer, married Alice Holbrook, 21 April 1747, and settled in Richmond, N. H. Farmer. Children are:
1. Caleb, born 9 Jan. 1748
2. Jeremiah, born 30 Sep. 1750
3. Ellis, born 10 Sep. 1752
4. Nehemiah born 4 Mar. 1755
5. Lydia, born 12 Mar. 1757
6. Rhoda, born 24 Aug. 1749(sic)
7. Hamlet, born 12 Aug. 1762
8. Comfort, born 9 July, 1765
9. Nathan born 29 Oct. 1769.".

Captain John Davis

1George Thomas Little, Henry Sweetser Burrage, and Albert Roscoe Stubbs, Genealogical and Family History of the State of Maine, Vol. 1, p. 211 (1909).
"(!!) Captain John, eldest son of John Davis, was born in Amesbury, May 4, 1689. He married Elizabeth, daughter of Jacob Basford, of Hampton, August 2, 1711. he moved to Biddeford, Maine, and was selectman of that town in the years 1723-36 and 1743-49. In 1746 he was ordered to recruit a force for defense against the French and Indians. He died May 12, 1752, and his gravestone is still standing in Lower Biddeford cemetery. In his will he mentions his saw and grist mill on the east side of the Saco river. He had four sons and five daughters.".

Zachariah Brackett

1Herbert Ierson Brackett, Brackett Genealogy: Descendants of Anthony Brackett of Portsmouth and Captain Richard Brackett of Braintree, pp. 84, 85-86 (1907).
"Zachariah Brackett, son of Captain Anthony Brackett, (see chap. III), by his second wife, Susannah Drake, was born January 20, 1682.
. . .
The truth probably is that the first wife of Zachariah Brackett was his cousin, Hannah Libby, daughter of Anthony, who was his fifth child. He had four daughters, viz., Sarah, who married June 18, 1701, Israel Smith; Mary, who married Mar. 7, 1709, John Lane; Hannah; Jane, 1). Aug. 5, 1700, who married in 1720, Deacon Abraham Moulton. In his will, dated Feb. 17, 1718, Anthony Libby bequeathed to his daughters whom he named thus- "4th. To my beloved daughter Sarah, 6£. 5th. To my beloved daughter, Mary, 6£. 6th. To my beloved daughter, Hannah, 20s. 7th. To my beloved daughter, Jane," cattle on her marriage day.
. . .
Zachariah Brackett married (2nd), intention published Feb. 16, 1741, Mary Ross; she was probably daughter of the Ross mentioned by Abraham Brackett in his affidavit as the Ross "then lately (1740) come from Scotland." Dr. Brackett related that because of the trouble she made in the family, Zachariah sold the farm and removed to Ipswich. There probably was opposition on the part of the chil- dren to their father's second marriage ; the wife was many years his junior. Her estate was administered in 1793, probably shortly after her death. Issue: 1. Sarah, b. 1 Mar., 1709; mar. (1st), Isaac Sawyer, b. about 1707 or 8, in Gloucester, Mass., was son of Isaac; he was b. in 1684, in Gloucester, mar. in 1706, Martha , removed to Falmouth in
1725, d. in 1772, was son of James; he was a weaver in Gloucester, mar. Sarah Bray, dau. of Thomas of Gloucester; James may have been son of William who came to New England about 1640. An Isaac Sawyer was one of the organizing members of First Parish church in Falmouth, in 1727. Mar. (2nd), subsequently to 1752, Jonathan Morse; he united with the First church in Falmouth in 1737, having been dismissed from the church in Newbury, Mass. Issue by Isaac Sawyer: 1st. Zachariah, bapt. 10 June, 1732. 2nd. Zachariah, b. 27 Aug., 1733; mar. in 1754, Sarah Knight; mar. (2nd) 13 May, 1784, Mrs. Susannah (Watson) Skillings; resided in Falmouth until his second marriage when he removed to Gorham. Children: Hannah, b. in 1755 ; Nathan, who mar. Tabitha Skillings ; Jonathan; Isaac; Zachariah; Brackett, b. 19 Mar., 1775, mar. Eliz- abeth Webb, d. 21 Apr., 1851 ; Amos, lost at sea; Levi, b. 13 May, 1786. ad. Anthony, bapt. in 1735; d. 21 June, 1805; mar. Susanna Marston. Children: Ephraim ; child; Daniel; Asa; Joseph; Rob- ert, and six others. 4th. Anne. 5th, Hannah Brackett, b. in 1739. 6th. A child. 7th, Thomas. 8th, Benjamin. 9th, Isaac. 10th. Sarah, who m.ar. her cousin, Peter Brackett (see fam. 4, div. 5). 11th. Obediah. 2. Jane, b. 13 Jan., 1711; mar. Daniel Mosher, son of James and grandson of Hugh ; resided in Gorham. Issue: 1st. Hannah Brackett b. in 1734; mar. Moses Akers. Issue: I. Jenny Mosher, b. 13 Aug., 1756; int. of mar. 20 Mar., 1784, with Thomas Brackett; mar. 17 Mar., 1785, James Brackett of Fal- mouth (see fam. 4, div. 7). II. Daniel Mosher. III. John. IV. Hannah Baker. V. Rebecca. VI. Susannah Baker, b. 17 Oct., 1775. 2nd. Catherine, who mar. Joseph Watson. 3d. James, bapt. in 1737; mar. in 1758, Abigail Frost. who d. 2 Oct., 1834, aged 99 years. 3. Anthony, b. 25 Aug., 1712. See division 4. 4. Abraham, b. 3 July, 1714. See division 3. 5. Zachariah, Jr., b. 30 Nov., 1716. See division 6. 6. Thomas, b. in 1718. See division 5. 7. Susannah, b. 13 Feb., 1720; mar. John Baker who came from Boston. Children were Josiah, bapt. in 1741 ; John; and Susan. 8. Joshua, b. 7 Jan., 1723. See division 7. 9. Abigail, b. 21 Aug., 1727; mar. James Merrill of Falmouth. Children by wife, Mary Ross: 10. Mary, bapt. in 1742. 11. Ann, bapt. in 1745."

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