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Daniel T. Rogers(b. 1943) - all my relatives


Richard Smith

1Donal Jacobus Lines, Richard Smith of New London, Connecticut, The American Genealogist, Vol. 42, pp. 113-114 (1966).
"I. Richard Smith, we are told in the History of New London (1852) by Frances Manwaring Caulkins, came to New London and married, 4 March 1669/70, Bathsheba Rogers. He died in 1682 and his widow married Samuel Fox.
. . .
The children of Richard and Bathsheba or Bathshua (Rogers) Smith were:
i. James, bapt. at First Church, New London, 12 Apr. 1674, the only child of Richard Smith recorded there. See below.
ii. Elizabeth, m. William Camp. He had children bapt. at First Church, New London, 11 July 1703, viz. Richard, Bathshua, Elizabeth, Lettice, William and James; "Goodwife" Camp had child Sarah bapt. 20 May 1705; and William Camp had child Samuel bapt. 8 Oct. 1710, William Camp d. 9 Oct. 1713 (Hempstead's Diary 29).
iii. Bathsheba, m. at New London, 2 Jan. 1700, John Rogers, her first cousin. See J. S. Rogers, James Rogers of New London and His Descendants (1902).
iv. Richard, d. at New London bef. 9 Nov. 1708, when James Smith of New London was appointed administrator, with John Smith as ons of his sureties; in the papers relating to the estate both James and John are referred to as brothers of Richard (New London Probate, File 4966).
v. John, m. at First Church, New London, 8 June 1713, Deliverance Munsell. "Deliverance Smith Jnos wife" was admitted to this church 18 June 1718. John Smith, with his wife Deliverance signing, conveyed land in 1715 to Samuel Fox Jr. "eldest son of Samuel Fox" (Deeds 7:24). This branch we have not attempted to trace.
. . .".

Bathsheba Rogers

1Annie Arnoux Haxtun, Signers of the Mayflower Compact, pp. 63-64 (1897-1899).
Obit. 1688,
Elizabeth, His Wife.
. . .
IV.--Bathsheba (James (I)), born 12, 30, 1650; married 3, 4, 1669-70, Richard Smith, of New London, Conn.; married (2), Samuel Fox.
Their children were:
1. James, who married Elizabeth (daughter of Jonathan Rogers); baptized, 4--12--1674.
2. Elizabeth, married William Camp, of New London.
3. John.
4. Bathsheba, married John Rogers (2), 1, 2, 1700. She died 11, 13, 1721.
5. Richard, died about 1703.".