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Richard Warren

1Mrs. Washington A. Roebling, Richard Warren of the Mayflower, and Some of his Descendants, NEHGR Vol. 55, pp. 70-72 (Jan. 1901).
"RICHARD WARREN, the first of the Warren name in America, sailed from Plymouth, Eng., in the historic "Mayflower," 6 September, 1620 (O. S.). He was not of the Leyden Company, but joined the Pilgrims from London,* and he was one of the signers of the Compact framed in the cabin of the "Mayflower" while in Cape Cod Harbor, which was the first platform of civil government in the new world, and which converted the band of unknown adventurers into an immortal Commonwealth. Morton, in his New England's Memorial, prints his name as twelfth in the list of signers, and Prince in his New England Chronology adds the honorable prefix of "Mr." from the Register at the end of Bradford's folio manuscript. He was one of the third exploring party which was surprised by the Indians,† 18 December, 1620, at the spot since known as "The First Encounter,"‡ and, technically speaking, he was one of the first to land at Plymouth, 21 December, 1620, on what might be called the birth-day of New England.
. . .
He married in England, Elizabeth -------,§ who followed him to Plymouth in the "Ann" in 1623, accompanied by her daughters. Mrs. Warren was rated in the Plymouth tax list of 1632-3, and was one of the first purchasers of Dartmouth. A study of the early Plymouth records leads to the conclusion that she was a woman of force and social position in the community, and she is therein usually spoken of as "Mistress" Elizabeth Warren, a designation by no means common. And she is one of the rare instances in that early colony of continued widowhood. A glimpse of one side of her domestic life is to be had in connection with the prosecution by the General Court of her servant, Thomas Williams, 5 July, 1635, for "speaking profane and blasphemous speeches against ye majestie of God." "There being some dissention between him and his dame, she after other things, exhorted him to fear God & doe his duty."* Upon the marriage of her daughters, Mrs. Warren conveyed to their respective husbands certain lands, variously located at Eel River and Wellingsly.† She died at Plymouth, 2 October, 1673, aged above ninety years. For some unknown reason, unless there is a mistake in this record, she was not buried until the twenty-second day after her death, when it was entered on the records that she, " haueing liued a godly life, came to her graue as a shoke of corn fully ripe."‡
Children of Richard and Elizabeth Warren:
2. i. MARY WARREN,2 m. Robert Bartlett.
3. ii. ANN WARREN, m. Thomas Little.
4. iii. SARAH WARREN, m. John Cooke, Jr.
5. iv. ELIZABETH WARREN, m. Richard Church.
6. v. ABIGAIL WARREN, m. Anthony Snow.
7. vi. NATHANIEL WARREN, b. in 1624; d. 1667.
8. vii. JOSEPH WARREN, b. before 22 May, 1627; d. 1689.".