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Daniel T. Rogers(b. 1943) - all my relatives


David Cummings Jr.

1William Richard Cutter, Historic Homes and Places and Genealogical and Personal Memoirs Relating to the Families of Middlesex Co., Massachusetts, Vol. 2, pp. 799-800 (1908).
"CUMMINGS (V) David Cummings, son of David Cummings, (4), was born in Topsfield, Massachusetts, March 26, 1729. He married (published July 17, 1748) Joanna Jones, of Boxford. She died October 10, 1794, aged sixty-five years. He married (second), April 16, 1795, Chloe Harrington, of Lexington. He resided in that precinct of Woburn which was called Burlington. He was a private in the expedition to Canada in 1758; constable in 176. In 1779 he joined General Glover's brigade in the regiment of Colonel Bigelow, Captain Hodgkin's company. He will was dated May 9, 1799, and he died during that year. His widow, Chloe, died in 1804. Children: 1. Ebenezer, mentioned below. 2. Stephen, said to be a twin of Ebenezer. 3. Betsey, born January 19, 1751, in Topsfield, married, August 31, 1773, Josiah Hall, of Cambridge. 4. Joanna, born in Middleton, married Jonas, son of Ebenezer and Jemima (Locke) Brooks, settled in Athol, Massachusetts. 5, Susanna, married, April 20, 1778, at Lancaster, Calvin Moore, of Sterling. 6. Phebe, born May 26, 1756, in Andover, married, December 13, 1781, Jonathan Simonds, of Woburn. 7. Abigail, born April 26, 1766, married January 2, 1783, Caleb Simonds, of Woburn. 8. Mary, born April 28, 1768, married, March 20, 1788, Uriah Goodwin. 9. Samuel, born August 12, 1773, married, December 29, 1795, Avis Pierce. 10. Ruth, married, April 9, 1795, John Lovering, of Waltham. 11. Sarah, married, April 22, 1787, Aaron Winchester, of Brookline. 12. David, living in 1799.
(VI) Ebenezer Cummings, son of David Cummings (5), was born in Burlington, Massachusetts, September 21, 1749.".

Thomas Perkins

1William Richard Cutter, Genealogical and Personal Memoirs Relating to the Families of Boston and Eastern Massachusetts, Vol. 3, pp. 1193-1194 (1908).
"(II) Deacon Thomas Perkins, son of John Perkins, born in England in 1616, probably at Newent, county Gloucester, came with his parents to New England. He was living in Boston in 1631, and removed with his parents to Ipswich in 1633. He had a grant of land, which he sold to his brother John Perkins, and others, and removed to New Meadows, Topsfield. He was a farmer. He married, about 1640, Phebe Gould. (see Gould). Her father gave them a farm of one hundred and fifty acres in the central part of Topsfield, where they resided until July 6, 1660. He bought a two hundred and twenty-seven acre farm of Richard Swain on the east road from Topsfield to Wenham, situated near the Ipswich line, adjoining the farm of Zaccheus Gould. Thomas Perkins was a prominent man in both church and town. He was elected deacon in 1677, and was selectman in 1656, tythingman in 1677. He died May 7, 1686. His will was dated December 11, 1685. Children: 1. John, born 1641; married November 18, 1666, Deborah Browning; died May 19, 1668. 2. Phebe, born about 1644; married, 1665, IsaacTowne. 3. Zaccheus, born about 1647; married Rebecca -------; died December 1, 1732. 4. Martha, born about 1649; married December 17, 1669, John Lamson. 5. Mary, born about 1651; married October 27, 1671, William Howlett; died 1728. 6. Elisha, born about 1656; married first, February 23, 1680, Katherine Towne; second, Elizabeth Knight; died February 18, 1741. 7. Judith, born January 28, 1658; died unmarried. 8. Thomas, born about 1659; mentioned below. 9. Timothy, born June 6, 1661; married first, Hannah -------; second, Abigail ------; third, Ruth Dorman."

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