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John Spofford

1Dr. Jeremiah Spofford, A Genealogical Record . . .Descendants of John Spofford and Elizabeth Scott, who . . .Settled at Rowley, Essex County, Ma, p. 37 (1888).
"John Spofford and Elizabeth Scott.
" She was of Ipswich and doubtless a daughter of Thomas Scott and his wife Elizabeth, who came over in the ship ' Elizabeth ' in 1634, when nine years old. If so, she was thirteen years younger than her husband. This identity is confirmed by the repetition in her own family of the names of her parents, brothers, and sisters, Elizabeth, Thomas, Hannah, Sarah, Mary." - Savage's General Dictionary.
" Thomas and Elizabeth Scott, each 40 years of age, came in the ' Elizabeth ' of Ipswich, Capt. William Andrews, the latter part of April, 1634, with their children, Elizabeth, 9 years old, Abigail, 7 years old, Thomas, 6 years old, and Isaac Mixer, 4 years old." (See Massachusetts Historical Collections, Third Series, Vol. X., p. 141.)
This Elizabeth Scott (mother of Mrs. John Spofford) subsequently married the Rev. Ezekiel Rogers (probably not the one who settled in Rowley, but a relative). She survived said Rogers, and was his widow in 1683.
John Spofford, as appears from an affidavit, was fifty years of age in 1662, hence born in 1612; his will was made Oct. 7, 1678, and probated 6th 9th month, 1678, his wife and son Thomas joint executors. For fuller notice, see Introduction, page 29.".