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Daniel T. Rogers(b. 1943) - all my relatives


Godfrey Nims

1Robert P. Clapp, A Typical Puritan Town, p. 197 (1910) , The New Clairvaux Press, Montague, Mass.
"Godrey Nims emigrated to this country from England about 1666 and settled in Deerfield. He was the first constable of Deerfield at that time an office of importance, was selectman, and held other offices. In 1704 his house was burnt, four children killed, is wife and two children captured. Mrs. Nims died on the march, and one child never returned from Canada. There was no family who suffered more than the Nims family in the Deerfield Massacre. There is a tablet placed in Memorial Hall."

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2George Sheldon, A History of Deerfield, Massachusetts: the Times When and the People by Whom it was Settled, Unsettled and Resettled, p. 250 (1896), E. A. Hall & Co., Greenfield, MA.
"Cordwainer; probably the ancestor of all of the name in the country; is first heard of as a "lad" at Northampton, Sep. 4,1667; was in the Falls fight, May 19, 1676; he bought land here in 1674, and was among the earlier permanent settled ; in 1692 he bought No. 27, and in 1694 No. 28; these two lots united became the Nims home lot; it has never been out of the family, and is now held by Mrs. Eunice K. (Nims) Brown; a house was burned on this lot Jan. 4, 1693-4, and a step-son of Godfrey perished in the flames; another was burned here in 1704, in wich three children were lost and his family was nearly exterminated on that bloody morning; he died soon after; the inventory of his estate was taken March 12, 1704/5."

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