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John Sayles

1G. Andrews Moriarity, John Sayles of Providence, The American Genealogist Vol. 15, pp. 228-229 (1938).
"John Sayles, ancestor of the Rhode Island family, was in Providence as early as January 27, 1650/1, as Austin points out, when he bought a house in Providence of John Throckmorton. He married, about this time, Mary eldest daughter of Roger Williams (born at Plymouth in August 1633). This marriage is not recorded, but there can be no doubt as to her identity, as on 24 June 1670 John Sayles of Providence sold to Stephen Arnold one fifth of a little island in the Pautuxet and states that he "had no deed of gift from my father-in-law, Mr. Roger Williams, who gave it to me" (Providence Deeds, Bk. I, p. 241), and on 23 Jan. 1693/4 his son, John Sayles, had laid out to him 35 acres, "which said land he had from his grandfather, Mr. Roger Williams" (Austin Gen. Dict. of R. I., p. 370). Mary, the eldest child of John and Mary (Williams) Sayles, was born at Providence on 11 July 1652, so we may conclude that the marriage took place in the Summer of 1651.
. . .
He died intestate and there is no probate record of his estate, but the names of his children are obtained from other sources, chiefly the Providence Vital Records.
John and Mary (Williams) Sayles had the following children:
i. Mary, born 11 July 1652; married 1st, at Warwick as "Mary Sayles, daughter of John of Providence," on 17 Dec. 1674, William Greene (R. I. Vital Rec., Arnold, I, 51); and 2ndly, John Holmes on 12 Oct. 1680. she had by Holmes daughters named Deborah and Phoebe.
ii. JOHN, born 17 Aug. 1654, died 2 Aug, 1727; married Elizabeth, who died 2 Nov. 1699; and 2ndly, before 7 May 1705, Mary (Prov. Deeds,printed vol. 20, p. 420. He had a son Richard, born 24 Oct. 1695.
iii. ISABEL, born about 1656, died after 1716; married 1st, John Tillinghast (born Sept. 16570; and 2ndly, Robert Hicks (Austin, op. cit.).
iv. PHOEBE, born about 1658; married at Warwick as "Phoebe Sayles daughter of Job of Providence," on 22 January 1684/5, Job Greene (R. I. Vital Rec., op. cit., I, 51). She had children named Deborah, Phoebe and Richard. Job was born on 27 Aug. 1656.
v. ELEANOR, born 1671 (Austin), died 11 March 1713/4; married at Warwick as "Ellen Sayles daughter of John of Providence," on 16 Feb. 1692/3, Richard Greene, born 8 Feb. 1659/60 (R. I. Vital Rec., op. cit, I, 51).
vi. CATHERINE, born 1671 (Austin); married at Providence, 28 Dec. 1692, William Olney, born 25 June 1663. They had children Deborah and Richard (Austin, op. cit.).
[It is to be noted that the above is not a complete list of the grandchildren of John and Mary (Williams) Sayles.].".