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Daniel T. Rogers(b. 1943) - all my relatives


Eleazer Flagg III

1Ellery Bicknell Crane, Historic Homes and Institutions and Genealogical and Personal Memoirs of Worcester County Massachusetts, Vol. 3, pp. 381-382 (1907).
"(IV) Eleazer Flagg, son of Eleazer Flagg (3), was born at Concord, Massachusetts, October 23, 1709. He was apparently the first to conform to the spelling Flagg, his ancestors using Flegg. Flagg, Fleg and even Flec, promiscuously. He spent his early days in Concord, but as early as 1731 became a land owner in Grafton, where his father was a proprietor in 1728. His farm was on the east slope of Chestnut Hill. An interesting relic of the settlement is a wooden bowl which he carved out of a tree trunk in 1732, inherited last by Charles A. Flagg, of the Congressional Library, Washington, and given by him to the Worcester Society of Antiquity. The farm house erested there in 1745 was torn down in 1845 to make way for a new one. The site was north of the brick house built later by Peter Hunt. Eleazer Flagg was appointed deputy sheriff by Benjamin Flagg, sheriff of the county, his cousin, July 29, 1746, and he held the office several years. He kept a public house a few years. He died at Grafton, August 8, 1771. He was feeble and helpless for several years before his death, but was cared for by his daughter Submit, who devoted all her time to him for several years.
He married, at Concord, September 28, 1731, Huldah Chandler, daughter of Samuel and Dorcas (Buss) Chandler. She was born at Concord, July 5, 1709. He was received in full communion in the Grafton church, January 27, 1765. Their children: Huldah, born December 14, 1732, died at West Sutton, January 24, 1825; married, 1762, Stephen Waters; Eleazer, born November 12, 1734, died at Grafton, February 10, 1767; married, 1763, Sarah Chandler; Simon, born May 25, 1736, died at Grafton, May 26, 1736; John, born August 2, 1737; Mary, born March 19, 1740, died April 6, 1824; married, 1763, Benjamin Goddard; Samuel, born December 5, 1741, see forward; Submit, born September 5, 1744, died at Berlin, Vermont, March 14, 1839; married 1773, Daniel Hayden.
(V) Samuel Flagg, son of Eleazer Flagg (4), was born in Grafton, December 5, 1741.
. . .
He married, at Grafton, December 18, 1679, Lydia Rockwood, daughter of Bernjamin and Ruth (Adams) Rockwood. She was born in Upton, September 12, 1751, died at Grafton, October 1, 1824.
. . .".

Stephen Waters

1Charles Allcott Flagg, The Descendants of Eleazer Flagg: and His Wife Huldah Chandler of Grafton, Mass. Including Genealogies of the Flagg . . ., pp. 19-20 (1903).
" STEPHEN WATERS, son of Richard* and Anne (Holman) Waters, was born in West Sutton, 13 Apr. 1735. His father, Richard Waters, Jr., set off to him a portion of the estate, southeast of his own homestead.
. . .
He died at W. Sutton, 10 Jan. 1819.
He married at Grafton, 19 May, 1762, Huldah Flagg,2 born at Grafton, 14 Dec. 1732. . . . She died in West Sutton, 24 Jan. 1825.
* For ancestry, see Appendix.
Children, all born in W. Sutton:
i. ANNA, b. 30 Mar. 1763; d. W. Sutton, 22 Oct. 1790; unm.
7. ii. JOHN, b. 23 Oct. 1764; d. W. Sutton, 19 Oct. 1847l m. 1st, 1790, Huldah Howard Howard; m. 2d, 1796, Hannah Putnam; m. 3d, 1819, Hitty Kidder.
iii. DAVID, b. 2 Feb. 1767; d. young.
iv. NATHAN, b. 18 May, 1769; d. aged about 21.
8. v. HULDAH, b. 11 Aug. 1771; d. Providence, R. I., 6 Mar. 1833; m. 1802, Daniel Hunt.
vi. REBECCA, b. 25 May, 1775; probably d. in childhood (the History of Sutton has it 28 Apr. 1804).".