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Daniel T. Rogers(b. 1943) - all my relatives


John Wood

1Larry Crandall-Wood, Ancestry of John Wood “Mariner”, 9 July 2003.
"John Wood "Mariner", Hereafter referred to as John1 Wood is well defined in the two sources listed as footnotes [1] and [2]. He is known to have been born in England about 1590, he first married Margaret Carter, second married Elizabeth "unknown" and died in Portsmouth, RI, in 1655. His life and descendents are well documented but his ancestry is in great dispute. . . ."

URL = https://sites.rootsweb.com/~rinewpor/JohnWood1.html.

2Larry Crandall-Wood, John Wood of Portsmouth, and Some Clarifications About This Line, 2002.
"This particular John Wood "the Mariner" has often been confused with 2 other John Wood persons in the early 1600s in New England. It is quite certain that he was NOT the John Wood who arrived in the Hopewell in 1635, with William Wood and Elizabeth Wood, Clark [2] p. 1. Nor was he the John Wood who came with Mr. Hull in 1633 [2] p. 1. Clark [2] makes the excellent point about how both of these are far to young to have had a son born in 1620."

URL = https://sites.rootsweb.com/~rinewpor/JohnWood.html.

Thomas Manchester

1Alden C. and Rita C. Manchester, The Manchester Family of Rhode Island, NEHGR Vol.101, p. 308 (Oct. 1947).
" 1. THOMAS1 MANCHESTER, born in England, abut 1620, died in Portsmouth, R. I., about 1691. He married, probably before 1650, MARGARET WOOD, dies about 1693, daughter of John Wood of Portsmouth, R. I. (probate of estate of John Wood, Records of Town of Portsmouth, p. 322.)
. . .
Children (Austin's "Genealogical Dictionary of R. I.";
Land Evidence Records of Portsmouth, vol. 2, p. 108):
2. i. THOMAS,2 b. about 1650.
3. ii. WILLIAM, b. about 1654.
4. iii. JOHN, b. about 1656.
iv. GEORGE, b. about 1659; d. about 1705. Admitted freeman of Portsmouth in 1680.
5. v. STEPHEN, b. about 1661-2.
6. vi. JOB.
vii. MARY.
viii. ELIZABETH.".