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Isaac Robinson

1Mary Lovering Holman, The Robinson Family, The American Genealogist, Vol. 18, pp. 45-47 (1941).
"ISAAC11 ROBINSON, son of Rev. John (John) and Bridget (White) Robinson, born probably in Leyden, Holland, in 1610, died in Barnstable, Mass., in 1704, aged ninety-four years. He married first in Barnstable, 27 June 1636, MARGARET HANFORD, born about 1619,* buried in Barnstable, 13 June 1649, daughter of Jeffrey and Eglin (Hatherly) Hanford. He married secondly, about 1650, MARY --------,† who died after 1657.
Isaac Robinson came to America in 1631 in the Lion. He was a young man of about twenty-one years of age and it is easy to imagine how Plymouth welcomed this son of their dearly loved and greatly lamented pastor. He was made a freeman in 1633. He did not remain in Plymouth, but went to Barnstable where he was made a member of the church, 7 November 1636, selling his land in Plymouth to John Twisden in 1634. After living in Barnstable for many years, he concluded to leave there and go to Vineyard, even going so far as to take letters of dismissal to the church there in 1660, but he finally decided to remain in Falmouth where he built a house. He attended some meetings of the Friends with idea of showing them their error, but became converted to some of their beliefs and, in 1669, Governor Prence disenfranchised him for showing too much liberality towards the Quakers. In 1673, he was restored to citizenship by Governor Winslow. In May 1671, he was admitted a proprietor of the new settlement at Takemmy but soon after became identified with the town of Tisbury. He lived to be very old, In November 1701, he sold his homelot to his son Isaac (formerly Israel) and went to Barnstable to visit his daughter, remaining there until his death.
Judge Sewall visited Barnstable while he was living there and met him; he writes of him: "He saith he is 92 years old: is the son of Mr. Robinson pastor of the Ch. of Leyden, part of wch came to Plimo: but to my disappointment he came not to New England until after the settlement of Boston. I told him I was very desirous to see him for his fathers sake and his own. Gave him an Arabian piece of gold to buy a book for Some of his grand-children." (Sewall's Diary, ii.)
He left no will and no administration was taken on his estate.*
Children, born in Barnstable and Falmouth, Mass.:
By first wife, Margaret Hanford,
i. SUSANNA2, baptised 27 January 1637-38, died young.
ii. JOHN, baptised 5 April 1640, died in Connecticut, after 1714; married "about ye middle of May" 1667, Barnstable, ELIZABETH WEEKS, born about 1645, died ------, daughter of William and Mary (Lynde) Weeks. Children (Robinson), born Falmouth, Mass., (1) John 20 March 1668-69; (2) Isaac, born 16 January 1669-70; (3) Timothy, born 30 October 1671; (4) Abigail, born 20 March 1674; Fear, born 16 May 1676; (6 & 7) Joseph and Mercy, born 31 March 1679; (8) Mary, baptised with all the preceding children, 21 October 1688; (9) A son, (Love?), born 12 December 1683, died 1 May 1688.
iii. ISAAC, baptised 7 August 1642, drowned 6 October 1688, Barnstable; married 1666, ANNE ------.
iv. FEAR, baptised 26 January 1644-45, died after 1704, Norwich, or Windham, Conn.; married REV. SAMUEL BAKER, born 2 October 1638, Hull, Mass., died before 7 JUne 1715, son of Rev. Nicholas Baker. He married secondly, ABIGAIL (LATHROP) HUNTINGTON, daughter of Samuel Lathrop and widow of John Huntington. Children (Baker), by first wife, Fear, (1) John, born 15 October 1672; (2) Nathaniel, born 1679; (3) Mary, born probably about 1681; (4) Grace, born probably about 1683; (5) Mercy, born about 1685.
v. MERCY, baptised 4 July 1647, died after 1687; married 16 March 1668-69, Falmouth, WILLIAM WEEKS, of Falmouth. She received a legacy from Myles Standish,† and in September 1667 receipted for one from her great-uncle Mr. Timothy Hatherly. Children (Weeks), born Falmouth, (1) Mary, born 16 January 1669-70; (2) Mehetabel, born 16 October 1671; (3) Sarah, born 6 May 1674; (4) Experience, born 24 June 1677; (5) Mercy, born 24 April 1679; (6) Jonathan, born 1 May 1681; (7) Benjamin, born 4 April 1685; (8) Lydia, born 30 June 1687.
vi. MARGARET, born June 1649, baptised 1649, died young. Her mother died a week after she was born.
By second wife, Mary [?],
vii. ISAAC, baptised 5 October 1651, called Israel, but his name changed when his brother Isaac was drowned, died 1 June 1728, Tisbury, Mass., without issue; married ANNE COTTLE, born 3 March 1672-73, died 1737. He left his property to an adopted son, Sylvanus Cottle, a nephew of his wife.
viii. JACOB, baptised 5 May 1653, died 13 March 1728; married (1) MARY -------; married (2) before 1714, EXPERIENCE ROGERS, born 22 June 1673, died after 19 November 1733, daughter of William and Martha (Barnard) Rogers. Children (Robinson), (1) Jacob, born 11 April 1700; (2) Isaac, born probably about 1704, died 26 December 1781, aged 77 years, unmarried; (3) MARY, born about 1707.
+iv. PETER, born 1655-56; married MARY MANTER and EXPERIENCE -------.
x. THOMAS, born March 1657. Various authorities state that he went to Guilford, Conn., and a deed of Thomas Robinson of Guilford, carpenter, to Samuel Smith of the Vineyard, 19 June 1706, is found in the Edgartown Deeds. But an account of Mr. Thomas Robinson of Guilford and his descendants published 1902, shows conclusively that he was present in the town in 1665 so could not be Thomas, son of Isaac. Mr. Thomas Robinson of Guilford had also a son Thomas, born about 1660-1668. (New England Historical and Genealogical Register, 54:57.).".