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Daniel T. Rogers(b. 1943) - all my relatives


Thomas Scott

1Robert Charles Anderson, , The Great Migration: Immigrants to New England, 1634-1635, Volume VI, R-S, pp. 209-212 (2009).
ORIGIN: Rattlesden, Suffolk.
MIGRATION: 1634 on the Elizabeth of Ipswich (on 39 April 1634, "Thomas Skott," aged 40, "Elizabeth his wife," aged 40, "Martha Scott," aged 60, "Elizabeth Scott," aged 9, "Abigail Scott," aged 7, and "Thomas Scott," aged 6, were enrolled at Ipswich as passengers for New England on the Elizabeth [Hotten 280, 282]).
. . .
BIRTH: Baptized at Rattlesden, Suffolk, 26 February 1594/5, son of Henry Scott [Phoebe Tilton Anc 118].
DEATH: Between 8 March 1653/4 (date of will) and 17 March 1653/4 (date of Inventory).
MARRIAGE: Rattlesden, Suffolk, 20 July 1620 Elizabeth Strutt [Phoebe Tilton Anc 118], baptized at Rattlesden, Suffolk, on 16 May 1594, daughter of Christopher Strutt [NEHGR 141: 34-37].
i ELIZABETH SCOTT, bp. Rattlesden, Suffolk, 18 November 1623 [Phoebe Tilton Anc 119]; m. by 1646 John Spofford (eldest known child b. Rowley 14 February 1646[/7?]) [Rowley Fam 346-47].
ii ABIGAIL SCOTT, bp. Rattlesden, Suffolk, 5 March 1625[/6?] [Phoebe Tilton Anc 119]; m. by 8 March 1653/4 Haniel Bosworth (based on terms in her father's will).
iii THOMAS SCOTT, bp. Rattlesden, Suffolk, 15 June 1628 [Phoebe Tilton Anc 119]; m. by about 1656 Margaret Hubbard, daughter of WILLIAM HUBBARD {1635, Ipswich} [GM 2:3:441]. Thomas Scott died at Ipswich on 6 September 1657 and his widow married as her husband Ezekiel Rogers [GM 2:3:441].
iv BENJAMIN SCOTT, bp. Rattlesden, Suffolk, 3 February 1630; bur. there 30 August 1633 [Phoebe Tilton Anc 120].
v HANNAH SCOTT, b. say 1635; m. Stamford 7 January 16[55/6] Edmund Lockwood [Stamford VR Barbour, citing "1:55"], son of EDMUND LOCKWOOD {1630, Cambridge} [GMB 2:1192-94; FOOF 1:381; EQC 3:96]; no further record.
vi SARAH SCOTT, b. say 1637; named in father's will, 8 March 1653/4; living on 10 May 1661, unmarried [EQC 3:96]; no further record.
v MARY SCOTT, b. say 1639; m. by 1666 Thomas Patch (eldest known child b. Wenham 8 December 1666).
ASSOCIATIONS: This immigrant was brother of Ursula (Scott) Kimball, wife of RICHARD KIMBALL {1634, Watertown} [GM 2:4:154-60].
"Martha Scott," aged 60, who sailed to New England with this immigrant, was his widowed mother [Pillsbury Anc 81-83]. No records for her have been found in New England.
. . .".

Isaac Patch

1Ellery Bicknell Crane, Historic Homes and Institutions and Genealogical and Personal Memoirs of Worcester County, Massachusetts, Vol. 4, p. 26 (1907)

"(III) Isaac Patch, son of Thomas Patch (2), was born in Salem, probably in 1682. He settled in Groton when a young man. He lived also in Concord and perhaps in Lancaster. Little is known abouit him. The children of Isaac and Edith Patch: Isaac, Jr., resided in Groton, Massachusetts; Jonathan, of whom later; Edith, February 24, 1720; Lois August 13, 1721; Ephraim, May 5, 1723, lived in Concord and Groton; Mary, April 7, 1725. Probably all the children after 1715 were born in Concord, although not all are on the records. There may be others not given here.

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