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Daniel T. Rogers(b. 1943) - all my relatives


Edward Babbitt Jr.

1William Richard Cutter, New England Families, Genealogical and Memorial: a Record of the Achievements of Her People in the Making of ..., Vol. 3. p. 1370 (1915).
"(II) Edward (2), son of Edward (1) Babbitt, was born in Taunton, Massachusetts, July 15, 1655, and lived in Dighton, where he died in 1727. His will was dated February 5, 1727. He married (first) Abigail Tisdale, (second) Elizabeth, daughter of Nathaniel Thayer, December 22, 1698. Children: Erastus; Seth; Nathan, mentioned below; Benajah, born July 19, 1705, married Dorcas Jones; Edward; Nathaniel, died November 29, 1787, in his seventy-fifth year; George, married Mercy Hathaway; Sarah, married Joseph Burt; Abigail; Waitstill, married Daniel Axtell; Ruth, married Abiah Waldron.
(III) Nathan, son of Edward (2) Babbitt, was born in 1693, died February 26, 1759.".

2Duane Hamilton Hurd, History of Bristol County, Massachusetts: with Biographical Sketches of Many of its Pioneers and Prominent Men, Part 1, p. 187 (1883).
"Edward Babbitt, son of the first Edward, married Abigail Tisdale, Feb. 1, 1683. She was probably a daughter of John Tisdale, Jr., and born July 15, 1667. Their son Edward was born Feb. 14, 1686, and married for his second wife Elizabeth Thyre, Dec. 22, 1698. He gave five acres of land towards purchasing a house for Rev. Mr. Danforth in 1688. He was one of the proprietors in 1689, and was of Dighton, May 26, 1720. His will is dated Feb. 5, 1727, in which he mentions his wife Elizabeth, sons Benajah, Erasmus, Seth, Nathan, Edward, Nathaniel, and George, and daughters Sarah Thyre, Abigail Burt, Ruth, Hannah, and Waitstill. His wife Elizabeth and son Benajah were his executors. His will was proved March 20, 1732-33.".