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Daniel T. Rogers(b. 1943) - all my relatives


Captain Andrew Ward III

1Nathaniel Goodwin, Genealogical Notes Or Contributions to Family History of Some of the First Settlers of Connecticut and Massachusetts, pp. 238-239 (1856).
"ANDREW WARD, of Killingworth, Conn., was married to Deborah Joy, of Killingworth, and Elizabeth his wife, daughter of William Wellman, of the same town, November 19, 1691.
Mrs. Deborah Ward died -------.
Capt. Andrew Ward died at noon, August 1756, aged 86.
28 Damaris, born January 27, 1693. Married Benjamin Watrous, of Saybrook, Conn., about 1720.
29 Andrew, born April 22, 1695.
30 Deborah, born January 17, 1698. Married a Mr. Peck. He was drowned in Quinniapack river, in coming from ordination at East Haven, Conn. Had one child only, a daughter.
31 John, born August 11, 1700. Married Sarah Smith.
32 Jehiel, born November 16, 1702. Died at sea February 15, 1740; his mother would never taste sea food afterwards.
33 Samuel, born June 3, 1704. Married Lucy Rogers, of New London. Died at Philadelphia, September 9, 1745. He was arrested and confined in prison for debt and died before his family could obtain information and relieve him. In a letter which he wrote them he requested them to read the 88th Psalm of David in Tate and Brady's version, as descriptive of his situation.
34 Edmund, born September 23, 1706. Married Mehetabel Robinson. Died at Guilford, November, 1779.
35 Doretheus, born January 4, 1708. Married Joshua Pendleton, who was half brother of Lucy Rogers.
36 Diana, born February 11, 1710.".