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Daniel T. Rogers(b. 1943) - all my relatives


John Bicknell

1Joseph W. Porter, Savage's Genealogical Dictionary, Corrections and Additions, NEHGR Vol. 46, p. 185 (1892).
"In Weymouth
. . .
Page 174. John2 Bicknell, only child of Zechary,--had a first wife Mary, who died 25th 10mo 1657-8. He m. second Mary,2 daughter of Richard Porter 2--10mo 1658-9. He had by first wife, John, Jr., 1754, mary and Naomi; by second wife, Ruth, Joanna, Experience, Zechary, Elisabeth, Mary, Thomas and Hannah, 1675. He was representative, &c., and died between Nov. 6, 1678 and Jan. 20, 1679. In his will he gave all his estate to his widow Mary, "as long as she should remain a widow.".".