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Daniel T. Rogers(b. 1943) - all my relatives


William Wheeler #

1Albert Gallatin Wheeler Jr., The Genealogical and Encyclopedic History of the Wheeler Family in America, p. 26 (1914).
"128. WILLIAM WHEELER, son of William (112) and Sarah (Fletcher) Wheeler. Born at Concord, Mass., Jan. 9, 1693-4. In all probability he married at Concord, Mass., Dec. 10, 1716, Abigail Hartwell, as he appears to have been the only William born in Concord who would have been at a reasonable marriageable age at that time."

It is widely published that this William is the son of John Wheeler and Sarah Fletcher. However the son of John, born in Oyster River, Nh, must have moved to Concord after being adopted by William Wheeler and Elizabeth Perkins. Thus the identity of his parents is uncertain.

Peter Talbot

1Solomon Talbot,, Peter Talbot of Dorchester, Mass., and Some of His Descendants, p. 67 (1909).
"12. Peter Talbot (George, Peter), son of George Talbot and Mary Turel, was born February 27, 1716-17, at Stoughton, Mass., died August 20, 1803, at Stoughton, Mass. He was married first December 5, 1744, at Canton, Mass., to Abigail Wheeler, born November 9, 1719, at Canton, Mass., died November 3, 1750, at Canton, Mass., daughter of William Wheeler and Abigail. He married the second time January 8, 1752, at Canton, Mass., Mary Bailey, born August 13, 1724, at Canton, Mass., died May 17, 1782, at Canton, Mass. ; daughter of Richard Bailey and Esther Puffer. He was married the third time February 26, 1784, at Canton, Mass., to Rebekah Dickerman, daughter of John Bent and Elizabeth, the widow of Samuel Dickerman. The children by the first marriage were:
17. i. Peter TALBOT born November 6, 1745, married Lucy Hammond.
18. ii. Samuel Talbot, born February 24, 1747, married Mary Fisher.
19. iii. Abigail Talbot, born June 14, 1749, married Ebenezer Paul.
The children by the second marriage were:
20. i. Jabez Talbot*, born April 20, 1753, married Susanna Guild. +
21. ii. MEHITABLE Talbot*, born March 12, 1755, died. Esther Talbot*, born February 13, 1757, married Samuel Osgood.
Mary Talbot*, born February 13, 1759, died.
Moses Talbot*, born July 31, 1761, died.
Hannah Talbot*, born July 27, 1762, died.
Anna Talbot*, born May 1, 1763, died.
Hannah Talbot*, born January 9, 1766, died.
Richard Talbot*, born August 24, 1770, married Rebekah Smith.
There were no children by the third marriage. Peter Talbot filled many important offices in the town and parish, among which were Selectman and Member of the Committee of Correspondence during the War of the Revolution. Captain Peter Talbot marched from Stoughton on April 19, in command of a company of Minute Men at the time of the Lexington alarm ; but as was the case with all the Minute Men from the south part of what was then Suffolk County, they did not start until the day of the battle.".