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Daniel T. Rogers(b. 1943) - all my relatives


Captain John Pease

1Frederick S. Pease, The Pease Family, NEHGR Vol. 3, p. 31 (Jan 1849).
(2) II. JOHN, who removed to Enfield, Ct., in 1681. He was twice married. His first wife was Mary -----, who died January 5, 1668; the name of the second was Ann Cummings, to whom he was married Oct. 8, 1669. He died at Enfield 1689, aged 60. His children by his first wife were,
1--1.-- John, b. March 30 1654. (3)
2--2.-- Robert, b. March 14, 1656. (4)
3--3.-- Mary, b. Oct 8, 1658.
4--4.-- Abraham, b. April 5, 1662, m. Jane Mentor, d. 1735, without issue.
5--5.-- Jonathan, b. Jan. 2, 1668. (5)
By his second wife he had
6--6.-- James, b. Oct. 23, 1670. (6)
7--7.-- Isaac, b. July 15, 1672. (7)
8--8.-- Abigail, b. Oct. 15, 1675.".

Captain John Pease Jr.

1The Pease Family, NEHGR Vol. 3, p. 169 (Apr 1649), Frederick S. Pease.
(3) III. JOHN, [1--1]born March 30, 1654, removed to Enfield, Ct., 1679, married Margaret Adams of Ipswich, died 1734, ae. 80. It is stated by Joseph Pease, that John and Robert, who removed to Enfield in 1679, lived, the first winter, in an excavation which they made in the side of a hill. It was about forty rods east from where the old meeting house stood. He left children,
9--1.---John, b. at Salem, 1678. (8)
10--2.---James, b. at Salem, 1679. (9)
11--3.---Joseph, b. at Enfield, 1693. (10)
Margaret, b. 1683, m. Josiah Colton, 1709, d. 1775. Had two sons and five daughters: Josiah, b. 1709; Job, b. 1711; Esther, b. 1714, m. Obadiah Hurlbut, 1745; Margaret, b. 1716, m. David Phelps, 1737; Abiah, b. 1718, m. Colonel John Bliss of Wibraham, and d. 1803; Ann, b. 1729, m. John Parsons, 1740; Hannah, who m. Joseph Gleason, 1745.
Sarah, b. ---, m. Timothy Root, 1710, settled in Somers, 1713, d. 1750. Had two sons and five daughters: Timothy, b. 1719; Thomas, b. 1726; Elizabeth, who m. Ebenezer Spencer, 1733; Sarah, who m. John Abbe, 1739.
Mary, b. ---, m. Thomas Abbe, 1714, d. 1746. Had two sons and five daughters: Obadiah, b. 1728, d. young; Thomas, b. 1731, d. 1811; Mary, who m. Dennis Bement, 1737; Sarah, who m. Nathaniel Chapin; Tabitha, who m. Ephraim Pease, 1740.
Ann, b. --- m. Jeremiah Lord, 1719, settled in East Windsor, d. 1753. Had two sons and one daughter.".

Timothy Root

1James Pierce Root, Root Genealogical Records. 1600-1870: Comprising the General History of the Root and Roots Family in America, pp. 323-324 (1870).
"TIMOTHY ROOT, son of Thomas (2803), grandson of John (2800), b. Dec. 3, 1685, in Westfield, Mass. He m. 1710, Sarah Pease, dau. of John Pease of Enfield, Ct. He went from Westfield to Enfield, and from there about 1713 to Somers, Ct., where he was one of the first settlers. He lived near a small stream called the Scantic, eight miles from the Connecticut River. He d. Nov. 2, 1743, ae. 58.
Children: (Probably not in exact order.)
2874. I. ELIZABETH, b.; m. 1733, Ebenzer Spencer.
2875. II. SARAH, m. 1739, John Abbe, who was b. 1717; They settled in the eastern part of Enfield.
2876. III. TIMOTHY, b. 1719, f.; d. June 21, 1794, ae. 75
2877. IV. THOMAS, b. 1726, f.; d. March 15, 1821, ae. 95.
2878. V. ANNA, m. March 20, 1756, Noah, son of Joseph and Mary Hewlet of East Windsor, Ct., b. May 15, 1730.
2879. VI. Daughter.
2880. VII. Daughter.".

Timothy Root Jr.

1James Pierce Root, Root Genealogical Records. 1600-1870: Comprising the General History of the Root and Roots Family in America, pp. 335-336 (1870).
"TIMOTHY ROOT, son of Timothy (2823), grandson of Thomas (2803), b 1719, in Somers, Ct. He m. Jemima, dau. of Josiah Wood of Somers, Ct. He built the house on the mountain at Somers, known as the Root house. They were most excellent people, devotedly pious, and worthy to be among the number of those called in God's providence to lay the foundations of a town. Before the building of the first meeting-house, the people used often to meet for public worship on the sabbath at his house. He d. June 21, 1794, ae. 75.
3034. I. TIMOTHY, b. 1749, f.; d. Nov. 22. 1822, ae. 73.
3035. II. JOHN, b. 1750, f.; Nov. 2, 1781, ae. 31.
3036. III. JOSEPH, b. 1753, f.; d. Sept. 29, 1825, ae. 72.
3037. IV. JEMIMA, b. 1756; f.; d. Oct. 2, 1847, ae. 91.
3038. V. SARAH, m. Samuel Pease of Somers.
3039. VI. HANNAH, m. (1) Capt. Sam. Pease of Enfield; m. (2) Sylvester Lusk.
3040. VII. LOIS, b. a. 1762; m. Stephen Hudson, and was living (1862) in Brandon, Vt.
3041. VIII. DANIEL, B=b. Sept. 29, 1764, f.; d. Oct. 13, 1834, ae. 70.
3042 IX. ASENATH, m. Sylvanus Pease of Somers, Ct.
3043. X. BETSEY, m. David Wardwell of Somers. They rem. to Black River country, where she d.
3044. XI. MARY, b. 1771; m. Jude Pomeroy. Living (1862) with her son Jude Pomeroy..".

Jonathan Tainter

1Abby Maria Hemenway, Vermont Historical Gazetteer: a Local History of All the Towns in the State, Vol. 5, p. 719 (1891).
Jonathan Tainter, the paternal ancestor of the Tainter family in Whittingham, was b. in Westboro, Mass., 1755; m. Jemima Root, of Somers, Ct., Sept. 21, 1776. A few days after, he joined the army under George Washington, and served in New York and New Jersey till the close of the campaign in 1778.
Josiah W. Tainter, so long a resident in Whittingham, was the oldest son of this Dea. Jonathan Tainter, b. Jan. 26, 1782, m. Molly Davis, of Somers, Ct., Aug. 26, 1803.".

Jemima Root

1James Pierce Root, Root Genealogical Records. 1600-1870: Comprising the General History of the Root and Roots Family in America, p. 364 (1870).
"JEMIMA ROOT, dau. of Timothy (2876), granddau. of Timothy (2823), b. 1756, in Somers, Ct.; m. Sept. 21, 1776, Deacon Jonathan Tainter of Somers, Ct., where they lived. A few days after his marriage, leaving his young wife in care of her parents, he joined the army under Washington, and served in N. Y. and N. J. until the close of the campaign of 1778. He d. July 31, 1801, ae. 46. She d. Oct. 2. 1847, ae. 91, at her son's in York, Liv. Co., N. Y.
I. POLLY, b. April 18, 1778; m. Jno. Cooley of -----, N. Y.
II. JEMIMA, b. July 24, 1779; m. Joel Shumway of Wittingham, Vt.
III. JOSIAH W., b. Jan. 26, 1782; m. Molly Davis of Somers, Ct.; d. March 22, 1848.
IV. LOIS, b. Oct. 22, 1788; m. Peter Hunt of Somers, Ct., and resided at Depauville, N. Y.
V. REBECCA, b. Jan. 6, 1789; d. March 2, 1803.
VI. LUCINDA, b. March 9, 1790; m. Ansel Winslow, and resides at Millsburg, Mich.
VII. JONATHAN (Deacon), b. Sept. 2, 1791; m. Dec. 31, 1821, Eunice Bowman.
VIII. TIMOTHY, b. April 5, 1796; m. (1) Feb., 1828, Lois Peck; m. (2) Jemima Allen.".