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Daniel T. Rogers(b. 1943) - all my relatives


Benjamin Briggs

1Edna Anne Hannibal and Claude W. Barlow, Sons of John Briggs of Taunton, Massachusetts, NEHGR Vol. 125, p. 86 (Apr 1971).
"BENJAMIN(sup>3 BRIGGS (Richard2, John1), born in Taunton, 16 Sept. 1677, died there 29 May 1767 (Vital Records of Taunton . . . vol. 3, p. 35)
No record has been found for the marriage of this Benjamin Briggs but he was certainly the father of a son Daniel and perhaps the father of Jacob Briggs who served in the Colonial Wars in 1760 under Capt. Joel Williams (Massachusetts Archives Volume, 79: 546), and of Jesse Briggs.
This man is not to be confused with Benjamin3 Briggs (Jonathan2, Clement1) who died in Taunton in 1744 aged 63 years, whose son Benjmain Briggs perhaps served in the Reduction of Canada in 1758 (Massachusetts Archives Volume, 96: 120, 405).
. . .
Children, probably born in Taunton:
22. i. DANIEL4, named in deed above.
ii. ?JACOB (see above).
iii. ?JESSE (see above).".

Daniel Briggs

1Edna Anne Hannibal and Claude W. Barlow, Sons of John Briggs of Taunton, Massachusetts, NEHGR Vol. 126. p. 35-36 (Jan. 1972).
"53. DANIEL5 BRIGGS (Daniel4, Benjamin3, Richard2, John1), born in Taunton about 1739/40, died there, 10 Feb. 1822, aged 82 years (g.s.,Oakland Cemetery).
He married in Taunton 18 Dec. 1766, MEHITABLE DEAN, born in Taunton, died there there, 24 Jan. 1827, aged 81 years (g.s., Oakland Cemetery).
He served in the Colonial wars in 1756 and 1758.
Daniel Briggs of Taunton, his wife Deborah releasing her dower rights, granted to Daniel Briggs, 2nd, of Taunton in 1766 (Bristol County Deeds, 49:303).
Mehitable Briggs was administratix of the estate of Daniel Briggs of taunton. Distribution of lands which bound Job Briggs was made 11 Jan. 1823. The widow Mehitable relinquished her dower.
Mehitable Briggs, widow of Daniel Briggs of Taunton, signed by John Thayer 2nd., Atty., granted to sons Daniel Briggs of Lebanon, Madison Co., N. Y., and Wales Briggs of Taunton; to daughter Hannah Andrews, wife of Isaac Andrews of Norton, and Polly Briggs of Taunton, all claim to Daniel Briggs' estate, for $500, 13 Dec. 1822; witnessed by Joseph Hodges and Lemuel Morse (Bristol County Deeds, 1823, 112:456).
Children of Daniel and Mehitable (Dean) Briggs born in Taunton, Mass.; named in the distribution of their father's estate:
i. DANIEL6b. in Taunton; died, Madison Co., N. Y.; mar. (1) in Sturbridge, Mass., 14 Feb. 1796 PATTY MORRIS, dau. of Capt. Jonathan4 and Mary (Skinner), of Sturbridge and Woodstock, Conn., b. 2 Dec., 1769; d. before 18 Feb. 1802 (Taunton Vital Records); mar. (2) Sturbridge, 18 Feb. 1802, AUGUSTA6 GOODELL, dau. of Benjamin5 and Abigail (Kimball), b. 29 June 1779. He resided in Sturbridge. He sold his Sturbridge land in 1818 and moved to Madison Co., N. Y., where he and wife Augusta bought land in Lebanon. His children were Randolph, Lemuel and Morris.
ii. LYDIA; d. in Taunton, 31 Dec. 1771.
iii. WALES; d. in Taunton, 17 Dec. 1845, ae. 73 years. His will, proved 7 April 1846, named his wife ABIGAIL and a daughter, Mehitable Thatcher (Bristol County Probate, 89:242).
iv. HANNAH; married in Norton, 16 June 1802, ISAAC ANDREWS, living Sherburne, Chenango Co., N. Y., in 1827 (Bristol County Deeds, 21:395-6).
v. POLLY; living in Taunton in 1823.".