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Benjamin Sabin

1C. H. Weygant, Bio. Notes & Gen. Tables Giving . . .Descendants of Ezra Earll and Mary Sabin from . . . Francis Cooke & Richard Warren, p. 18 (1905).
"BENJAMIN SABIN, son of the above mentioned William Sabin, was born May 3, 1646. He resided at Rehoboth until 1675, when he removed to Roxbury, Mass. He was one of the thirteen pioneers who settled Woodstock, Conn., in 1686. During the same year he joined with several others in the purchase of a large tract of land, lying just north of Woodstock, which is the site of the present town of Pomfret. He was married, first, to Sarah Polly, daughter of John and Rebecca Polly, of Roxbury, Mass., who was born on June 2, 1650. On July 5, 1678, he was married to his second wife, Sarah Parker, who died June 22, 1717. JOHN POLLY mentions in his will "the four motherless children of our daughter Sabin," and provides that they have their mother's share of his estate. Benjamin Sabin died at Pomfret, July 21, 1727, aged 80 years.
In several reports made by Richard, the Earl of Belmont, Governor of the Colony of New York, to the Lords Commissioners of Trade and Plantations, in 1699, he refers to important information received from Benjamin Sabin and Rev. Me. Dwight of Woodstock, Conn., concerning a contemplated Indian uprising, which they claimed was "being stirred up by the Governor of Canada and his Jesuits.".".