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Daniel T. Rogers(b. 1943) - all my relatives


Joseph Barton

1George E. McCracken, Roger Barton of Westchester County, N. Y., and Some of His Earlier Descendants, NEHGR Vol. 106, pp. 298-304 (Oct 1952).
"5. JOSEPH2 BARTON (Roger1), youngest son, was probably born at Rye. Since the three youngest sons were almost certainly minors on 24 June 1688, we reach a terminus post quem for his birth of about 1699, and as he took oath against Catholicism on 31 Jan. 1698/9, hr must have been born in 1677 or before. Mr. Voge, and, following him, Mrs. Margaret Alberta Barton McLean, in her book "Roger Barton's Kinsmen" (1940), p. 19, both date the birth in 1672, which, though probably a guess, is a reasonable one. Dr. Joseph Lindley Barton (N. Y. Gen. & Biogr. Rec., 59.239) gives the year as 1684, for what reason I do not know, but this is surely too late.
. . .
Joseph Barton was twice married. His first wife was RACHEL -------, surname not recovered. It has been said that she was a Gale, a member of a well-known Jamaica family, but this must be a mistake for Rrachel Gale, the second wife of Dr. Leonard4 Barton (Dr. Lewis,3 Joseph2). The Voge Papers contain the statement, followed also by Mrs. McLean (op. cit., p, 19), that Rachel was a Lewis, probably a sister of the second wife, but I have found no evidence for this. Attempts to identify Rachel with some unmarried woman appearing in the 1698 Censuses of Westchester County have failed. Robert Bloomer, companion of Roger1 in his flight from Brookhaven in 1666(see above), had a wife named Rachel, but they appear not to have had a daughter of that name, nor did Joseph Barton name any of his sons Robert, though his son Thomas3 Barton did appoint Gilbert3 Bloomer (Robert,2 Robert1) as one of his executors. The death of Rachel Barton is sometimes dated in 1712, upon what evidence I do not know. She was surely dead by 1717, for on 5 May 1717 Joseph Barton married, by license, at Grace Church, Jamaica, his second wife ABIGAIL LEWIS.
She has been identified by descendants (Lloyd Espenscheid of Kew gardens and Ralph E. Boyce of Queens Village, to both of whom this study is much indebted) as Abigail4 Lewis, baptized at the Center Church, Hartford, on 8 April 1692, daughter of Philip3 Lewis (William,2 William1) and of his wife Sarah Ashley, daughter of Robert1 Ashley and wife Mary, previously wife of one of the several Thomas Hortons.
. . .
In the following list an attempt has been made to reach chronological order; but this is impossible since there are some children whose mother cannot be determined.
12. i. BENJAMIN.sup>3
ii. JOHN, bapt. 19 Oct. 1718; probably d. before 20 April 1762, as he is not mentioned in his father's will.
. . .
iii. MARY, bapt. 19 oct. 1718; not mentioned in her father's will of 20 April 1762.
iv. RACHEL, living 20 April 1762. That no husband is named in her father's will does not prove her unmarried in 1762, since her two sisters were married but their husbands are not mentioned.
. . .
13. v. ELIJAH.
vi. THOMAS, elsest son by the second wife Abigail Lewis, bapt. at Grace Church, Jamaica, 19 Oct. 1718, when an infant; d. between 5 Sept. and 17 Sept. 1743, a resident of Rye; m. MARGARET --------, who survived him.
. . .
14. vii. WILLIAM.
viii. JOSEPH, b. in 1722 or earlier; living 20 April 1762.
. . .
15. ix. LEWIS, b. about 1725.
16. x. CALEB, b. about 1725.
xi. MILLICENT, almost certainly daughter of the second wife Abigail Lewis, b. probably in Scarsdale Manor about 1722; d. between 2 Sept. 1803 and 14 Jan. 1804; m. probably in Greenwich, Conn., about 1740, DAVIS HUESTAD (David,4 Joseph,3 Angel,2 Robert1), b. in Greenwich 7 Aug. 1719, d. in Washington, Dutchess Co., between 21 May and 25 June 1787, brother of the wife of Dr. Lewis Barton.
. . .
xii. SARAH, certainly daughter of the secind wife Abigail Lewis, b. probably in Scarsdale Manor about 1730 or a little earlier; d. between 15 April 1776, when her youngest child was born, and 30 Dec. 1795, when her husband mentioned another wife; m. 6 Nov. 1747 ZACHARIAH2 FLAGLER (Zachariah1) (Flageler or Vlegelaar), b. about 1720, d. in Clinton, Dutchess Co., 27 July 1807.
. . .
17. xiii. ROGER, b. about 1730.".