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Daniel T. Rogers(b. 1943) - all my relatives


Samuel Wilson

1George E. McCracken, Robert Wilson of Farmington, Conn., The American Genealogist, Vol. 52, pp. 80-82 (1975).
"2. SAMUEL2 WILSON, younger son of Robert1 Wilson by his wife Elizabeth Stebbing, was born ca. 1652, aged 3 in 1655 at the time of his father's probate, and died at Windsor, Conn not in 1705, as the Greenlees say, but 3 Aug. 1697 (Manwaring 1:598f.). He married at Windsor, 1 May 1672 MARY2 GRIFFIN, born 1 March 1651/2, died 1734/5, daughter of John1 Griffin by his wife Anna Bancroft, and she married, second, before 7 March 1700/1, Anthony Hoskins. By some she has been wrongly said to have been the wife of david Winchell (see TAG 24:121 f., and 49 f.).
. . .
Children: by first marriage only
i. Elizabeth, b. 24 Feb. 1673/4, aged 24 in 1697, d. at Simsbury, 27 July 1746; m. at Simsbury, 18 Jan. 1699/1700, by John Higley, J.P., to William Willcockson, as the name was spelled in this branch. or Wilcox, as descendants ultimately spelled, it, died at Simsbury, 22 March 1732/3, leaving a will dated 19 March 1732/3, probated 1 May 1733 (Manwaring 3:133), son of Samuel2 Willcockson (William1( by his wife Hannah2 Rice (Richard1). Sergeant William and Elizabeth had children named Elizabeth, William, Martha, Azariah, Amos, John, Daniel and Mary.
ii. Mary, b. 5 Aug. 1675, aged 22 in 1697, m. Windsor, 9 Oct. 1707, John Filley, d. intestate at Windsor, inventory of £248/6/2 dated 6 Jan. 1736/7, taken by Roger Newbury, John Cook Jr., Timothy Lewis, presented by the widow and son John; administration to widow mary with Benedict Alvord (Manwaring 3:261)' administration was granted 6 March 1749/50 to David Filley with Caleb Phelps bound; distribution was made 3 April, 1750: to grandson John Filley a double portion, to each of Joseph, Amos, David and Daniel Filley, sons of decedent a single portion. Mary Filley d. shortly before 5 June 1750 on which date administration was granted on her estate to son David. His account dated 5 Feb. 1750/1, accepted 6 March 1750/1, also shows the eldest son of decedent was named Joh Filley, now deceased, leaving heirs, and gives the names od other sons. The estate of the deceased eldest son John (Manwaring 3:262), shows he d. shortly before 16 Aug. 1737 (date of inventory), leaving a wife Rebecca and a minor son John, as stated above.
iii. Samuel, b. 21 Nov. 1678, d. 1687, noted by Matthew Grant but not noticed by the Greenlees.
iv. Abigail, b. 3 March 1683/4, aged 13 in 1697, m. at Windsor, 12 Jan. 1714, Benedict Alvord or Alford, eldest son of Jeremiah (see Manwaring 2:5). No probate for Benedict appears in Manwaring, so he either survived the year 1750 or went elsewhere. He had, at least, one son Job, mentioned in Mary Hoskins' will as grandson.
v. John, b. 24 May 1686, aged in 11 1697, living at least as late as 29 July 1740.
vi. Samuel, b. 1692, aged 5 in 1697, when Middletown made his will, 29 July 1740, "being engaged in the expedition against the Spaniards," directs his estate be divided among all his brothers and sisters unnamed, and appoints brother John Wilson sole executor (Manwaring 3:371, date of probate not recorded, so we cannot be quite sure that he d. on the expedition).
vii. Mindwell, b. 1696, aged 1 1/2 in 1697, probably d. by 7 March 1700/1.
[Matthew Grant also adds to these but cancels them:
Samuel, b. 1 May 1672, error arising from a record of his parents' marriage on that day!
Thomas, b. 18 July 1676, bapt. 23 July 1676.].".