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Edmund Scott

1Edward R. Smith, Early Connecticut Scott Families, The Connecticut Nutmegger Vol. 27, pp. 397-399 (Dec 1994).
"The next family is that of Edmund Scott, the subject of primary interest to this writer, for whom I have a genealogy in progress. My earliest knowledge of Edmund is drawn from Julius Gay notes taken from Farmington town records, located amongst the manuscript collections at the Connecticut Historical society: Edmund, " in 1671, is freed from training and warding being sixty odd years of age." Relying on this, it appears that Edmund was born about 1611, or earlier.
. . .
The birthdates of his children have never been found nor by which mother they were born, but Anderson attempts to estimate their birthdates based on information on when most of them were granted property in Waterbury, presumably on reaching maturity. We also have his son Samuel's deathdate and age at that time, from his gravestone in Farmington's old cemetery.

It is broadly accepted that Edmund's first wife was Hannah, daughter of Thomas Bird. The only hard evidence we have located is in a record of the ditribution of Thomas Bird's estate, dated 3 March 1663/4, wherein we learn that daughter Hannah had married a Scott. Available data on other Connecticut Scott families offers no other possible connection, adding credence to this connection. Edmund's second wife was Elizabeth Fuller, the widow of Thomas Upson. Farmington land records Volume 1, page 46, clearly establish this marriage. The transaction is dated 24 January 1665. From these, we expect that Edmund married Elizabeth (Fuller) Upson ca 1663/66. Another land transaction located amongst the notes of the previously referenced Julius Gay, cites a provision that the land acquired is to be inherited by the two children that Edmund and Elizabeth had together. Unfortunately the transaction is not dated. Savage, among others, relies on this to indicate that only two of Edmund's children were by Elizabeth. It is this writer's opinion that what we really learn from this is that they had two children at the time of the transaCtion. Whether others were born of this marriage is unknown.
Drawing upon this admitteldly incomplete data, this writer tentatively records the family of Edmund Scott as follows:
Edmund Scott, b. ca. 1611, m. first to Hannah Bird, daughter of Thomas Bird. He m. second, ca 1663/6, probably in Farmington, to Elizabeth (Fuller) Upson, widow of Thomas Upson. Children:
Hannah, b. ca 1647, m. 25 Oct. 1664, in Wethersfield, John, son of John and Francis [Hills] Bronson. They moved to South Carolina.
Joseph, b. ca. 1656. Apparently unmarried but appears to have had a son John, pursuant to John's will. The will also establishes a connection to the Risden family, through John's bequests to his uncles, Sarah [Risden] Terrill, and Robert Risden. Some sources give Sarah [Risden] Terrill's maiden name as Scott. He apparently did not move to Waterbury with parents.
Edmund Jr., b. ca 1658, m. Jun 1689, Sarah (?) Porter, widow of Benjamin Porter. Resided in Waterbury.
Samuel b. ca 1660, m. Feb/Jun 1687, probably in Farmington, Mar, daughter of George and Elizabeth Orvis. After establishing in Waterbury, Samuel returned to Farmington, presumably to take over his father's substantial properties and rights there as one of the town's 84 proprietors.
Jonathan, b. ca 1661, m. Nov 1694, probably in Waterbury, to Hannah, daughter of John and Martha [Baldwin] Hawks. Lengthy accounts regarding this family's involvement with Indians is reported in Anderson's Waterbury history. He settles in Watertown.
George, b. ca 1664, m. 16 Aug 1691, in Farmington, to Mary, daughter of Obadiah and Hannah [Andrews] Richards and resided in Waterbury.
David, b. ca 1666, m. 10 Jun 1698, probably in Waterbury, to Sarah, daughter of Obadiah and Hannah [Andrews] Richards. He had a sawmill in Watertown, but apparently lived in Waterbury.
Robert, b. ca 1668. Apparently unmarried; moved to Hartford.
Elizabeth, b. ca 1671, m. _?_ Davis. All we know now is that this couple had a son John."

See notes for Matthew Fuller showing that the Elizabeth Fuller who married Edmund Scott Sr. cannot be the daughter of Matthew Fuller.

2Henry Bronson, The History of Waterbury, Connecticut: the Original Township Embracing Watertown and Plymouth, and Parts of Oxford, . . ., pp. 181-183 (1858)

He settled in Farmington, with children, at an early date, and m. the widow of Thomas Upson. His two youngest children were by her.
. . .
His children were as follows, (not arranged probably in the exact order of age:)
1. Edmund; m. Sarah, widow of Benjamin Porter, Jun, 1689.
2. Samuel; b. 1660, m. Feb. 1686-7, Mary Orvice. (W. S. Porter.)
3. Elizabeth; m. ------- Davis.
4. Hannah; m. John Bronson, son of Richard of Farmington, Oct. 1664?
5. Jonathan; m. Hannah, d. of John Hawks of Deerfield, Nov. 1695.
6. George; m. Aug. 1691, Mary, d. of Obadiah Richards, and d. Sep. 26, 1724, leaving an estate to be distributed of £605, 12s.
. . .
7. David; was accepted as a bachelor proprietor at thesame time as his brother George.
. . .
He m. June 10, 1698, Sarah, daughter of Obadiah Richards, and d. in 1727, his will being proved Dec. 5, of that year.
8. Robert; was admitted as a £40 proprietor May 15, 1699. . . . a bachelor, apparently.
. . .
9. Joseph; he lived in Farmington.".