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Daniel T. Rogers(b. 1943) - all my relatives


Martha Coldham

1James G. Dempsey, Thomas Coldam of Lynn, NEHGR Vol. 125, pp. 24-25 (Jan 1971).
"THOMAS1 COLDAM of Lynn, Mass., was born in England about 1602 as indicated by the November, 1662, Salem quarterly court records: "Thomas Coldam, aged about sixty years, deposed ... sworn in court" (Records and Files of the Quarterly Court, Essex County, Mass., vol. 3, p. 11). Thomas was a miller and farmer as shown in this deposition: "he tended Mr. Humfrey's mill two or three years off and on, as he could conveniently ... he knew it to be worth one hundred pounds sterling, for he himself was a miller, both here and in old England, and knew what belonged to a mill."(ibid.).
Thomas arrived with his wife, Johanna, and several children,early in the 1630's because he was admitted a freeman in 1634 and was granted 60 acres in the 1638 Lynn land accounting (ibid., 2:271).
. . .
2. i. CLEMENT2, b. about 1623.
?ii. ENOCH, mentioned 1652-1653 in Records & Files of the Quarterly Court, Essex County, Mass., 1: 274, 276, 285, 348. These indicate that he was of age to witness and be sued for slander, so he was probably born by or before 1630. No other mention of him has been found.
iii. MARTHA, b. about 1630; mar. 16 March 1650, RICHARD4 WHITNEY (John3, Thomas2, Robert1) who was b. in England 1626, d. in Stow, Mass., after 1697, 8 children (see Frederick C. Pierce, Whitney: the descendants of John Whitney (1895), p. 23).
iv. MARY, b. bef. 1636; mar. bef. 1654 ----- SIMONDS. Issue: 1. Samuel, b. bef. 1654, d. August 1675, intestate, leaving no heirs.
3. v. THOMAS, b. about 1637/8.
?vi. JOHN, b. about 1643 or before; admitted freeman in Gloucester 19 Oct. 1664; possibly but not probably a son of Clement; no further mention of him has been found.".