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Daniel T. Rogers(b. 1943) - all my relatives


Edward Marvin +

1John Insley Coddington, Notes on the Ancestry of Reinold and Matthew Marvin, The American Genealogist, Vol. 18, pp. 10-12 (Jul 1941).
"8. EDWARD MERVYN, MARVEN OR MARVIN, (Raynold, John, Thomas), of Ramsey, Wrabness and Great Bentley, co. Essex, yeoman, was under 21 when his father made his will, 22 December 1554. In that will, Edward received a tenement and lands, both free and copyhold, in the parish of Wrabness. These lands, together with an adjoining parcel of land in the parish of Wix, Edward bequeathed in 1615 to his eldest son, Edward, Jr. Edward Marvin was a man of considerable wealth, for he held property not only in the parishes of wrabness and Wix, but also in Ramsey, Frating and Great Bentley, and he resided in Great Bentley during the latter part of his life, in a mansion house called "Edons alias Dreybrocks." There is an account of Edward and his family in the English Ancestry, pp. 77 and 105-115, and in Descendants, pp. 20 and 22-26. Edward died at Great Bentley on 13 or 14 November 1615. His will was dated the 13th, and he was buried at St. Mary's Church, Great Bentley, 15 November 1615. His will was proved 17 January 1615/6. He married MARGARET --------, who may, or may not, have been the mother of all his children. She survived him, and was buried at Great Bentley 28 May 1633.
Children (order uncertain):
i. EDWARD, b. perhaps in 1581, or earlier.
. . .
The date of his death is not known. His will was dated 30 Dec., but no year was written, though 1622 may have been intended. In this will he bequeathed to his wife "Bettres," his daughter Susan and son Edward (minors); and he mentioned his brothers Thomas, Richard, Robert, Reinold and Matthew. The will was proved 1 March 1622/3. Edward m. at Great Bentley, 12 Aug. 1604 BETTRIS [BEATRICE] SADLER, who survived him, and was sole executrix of his will.
1. Susan, bap. at GreatBentley 14 July 1605.
2. Edward, probably b. at Thorington, perhaps ca. 1607.
. . .
ii. THOMAS, b. perhaps in 1583.
. . .
iii. RICHARD, b. perhaps in 1585.
. . .
The date of his death is not known. He m. at Great Bentley, 1 Nov. 1610, SUSAN LOUCK (LOOSK ?]
1. Richard, bap. at Great Bentley 1 Nov. 1613.
2. John, bap. at Great Bentley 22 Aug. 1616; d. there 27 Oct. 1618.
3. Child, living in 1622, mentioned in the will of its uncle Edward.
4. Child, living in 1622, mentioned in the will of its uncle Edward.

iv. ROBERT, b. perhaps in 1587.
. . .
He m. at Great Bentley 7 Nov. 1616, SUSAN GORE.
1. ROBERT, bap. at Great Bentley 14 Jan. 1618/9.
. . .
v. MARGARET, b. perhaps in 1589; bur. at Great Bentley 28 Jan. 1595/6.
vi. MARY, b. perhaps in 1591; m. (1) at Great Bentley 19 April 1610 JOHN HAYSE, of Great Bentley, who was executor of the will of his father-in-law, Edward Marvin, in 1615, and overseer of the parish of Great Bentley in 1616. John Hayse [Hays, Hayes] was buried at Great Bentley 5 Oct. 1616. Mary (Marvin) Hayse m. (2) at Great Bentley 8 Dec. 1618 RICHARD WOOD.
Child by first marriage (surname Hayse):
1. Mary, bap. at Great Bentley 22 March 1610/1.
vii. JOHN, bap. at Great Bentley 7 June 1593; bur. there 8 June 1593.
viii. REINOLD, bap. at Great Bentley 7 June 1593; bur. there 8 June 1593.
ix. REINOLD, RENOLD, RENALD, RENALL, etc., bap. at Great Bentley 25 Oct. 1594. He received from his father lands called Moysses, in the parish of Great oakley, but he lived in Great Bentley, and was overseer of the latter parish in 1625 and 1637, and churchwarden in 1627, 1633 and 1634. He was taxed for ship-money at Great Bentley in 1636. He migrated to New England late in 1637 or early in 1638, and was in Hartford, Conn., with his younger brother Matthew, in 1638. He seems to have removed to Farmington in 1639-40, and afterwards to Saybrook, where he was made a freeman 20 May 1658. Still later, he removed to that part of Saybrook which later became Lyme, Conn., and there he d. in the summer of 1662. He m. in 1617 or 1618 MARY -------, who d. in that part of Saybrook which later became Lyme in the summer of 1661. Her death was attributed to witchcraft on the part of Nicholas Jennings of Saybrook and his wife Margaret. Reinold and Mary Marvin had nine children. There is a detailed account of his family in Descendants, pp. 26 and 29-35.
x. ELIZABETH, b. perhaps in 1597; m. at Great Bentley 22 May 1618 ROBERT EDWARDS.
xi. MATTHEW, bap. at Great Bentley 26 March 1600.
. . .
He was in Norwalk in 1651, and there he presumably died. His will was dated 26 Dec. 1678, and the inventory of his estate was taken 13 July 1680, so he died between those dates. He m. (1) by 1622 ELIZABETH -------, b.ca. 1604; d. ca. 1642. He m. (2) ca. 1647 ALICE (-------) BOUTON, widow of John Bouton. She was b. ca. 1610, and d. between 17 Dec. 1680 and 9 Jan. 1680/1.
. . .".

Jonathan Whitney

1Samuel G. Drake, The Descendants of John and Elinor Whitney, of Watertown, Mass., NEHGR, Vol. 11, p. 116 (Apr 1857).
JONATHAN WHITNEY, of Sherburne, 1679. His father gave him 39 acres land about 1659, which he had bought of Richard Woodward. He sold it for £40, to Thos. Flagg, Nov. 7, 1664. He died about 1702. Will, Dec. 21, 1702. Proved, March 1, 1702-3. He married Oct. 30, 1656,
44. LYDIA JONES, dau. of Lewis Jones, of Watertown.
45. I. Lydia, b. July 3, 1657; m. Moses Adams. (9 chn.)
46. II. Jonathan, b. Oct. 20, 1658. See 46.
47. III. Anna, b. Apr. 28, 1660; m. Cornelius Fisher, of Wrentham.
48. IV. John, b. June 27, 1662. See 48.
49. V. Josiah, b. May 19, 1664. See 49.
50. VI. Elinor, b. Oct. 12, 1666; d. Nov. 23, 1678.
51. VII. James, b. Nov. 25, 1668; d. Nov. 30, 1690.
52. VIII. Isaac, b. Jan. 12, 1670-1; d. Dec. 2, 1690.
53. IX. Joseph, b. Mar. 10, 1672-3. See 53.
54. X. Abigail, b. Aug. 18, 1675.
55. XI. Benjamin b. Jan. 6, 1678-9; of Sherburne. Married, Oct. 24, 1700, Mercy Travis, who married, 2d, Thomas Frink, of Sudbury, prior to 1721. Will made in "year 1713-15." Proved, September 25, 1718. No issue.".

John Whitney +

1Samuel G. Drake, The Descendants of John and Elinor Whitney, of Watertown, Mass., NEHGR Vol. 11, pp. 113-114 (Apr 1857).
"JOHN WHITNEY, of Watertown, Mass., was the progenitor of very numerous descendants, who are to be found probably in every county of New England, and in every State in the Union. He embarked at London in April, 1635, then aged 35, in the Elizabeth and Ann, Roger Cooper, master, with his wife ELINOR, aged 30, and sons JOHN, aged 11 yrs., RICHARD aged 9 yrs., NATHANIEL aged 8 yrs., THOMAS aged 6 yrs., and JONATHAN aged 1 yr. He probably arrived in June, and immediately settled in Watertown, where his son Joshua was born the 15th of July. He purchased a 16-acre homestall, which had been granted to John Strickland, who was dismissed from the Watertown church, May 29, 1635, and was one of that colony from Watertown that went and planted Wetherfield, the oldest town on Connecticut River. This homestead was the permanent residence of Mr. Whitney. In 1668 he requested his youngest son, Benjamin, who had settled in York, Me., to return and live with him on his homestead, with the assurance that it should be his own after his father's decease. In 1671, Benjamin, with his father's consent, conveyed his rights and obligations in this homestead to his brother Joshua, who had settles in Groton, for £40. After the decease of his father Joshua returned to Groton, and on the 29th Oct., 1697, sold this ancient homestead to Dea. Nathan Fiske. It was situated at a little distance north of Belmont street and East of Common street. [See the map of the original allotments in Bond's Early History of Watertown.]
It is stated above that Mr. Whitney purchased his homestall; but before 1642 the Town had granted him nine other lots of land, amounting to 198 acres. The Registry of Deeds, which contains comparatively few of the early conveyances, shows that he made several purchases of land, and it is probable that he had aided all his other sons in their settlements as he did Jonathan, to whom he gave 39 acres about 1659---and Benjamin to whom he gave the homestead as we have already noticed. Jonathan and Benjamin received these gifts from their father when they were quite young, and it is possible that they shared in some later division of his estate; which may account for the fact, that Mr. Whitney in his will, while he bequeaths parcels of land to all his other sons, merely gives to Jonathan "one iron kitle and a great brass skilet;" to benjamin. "the old mare if she live!"
Mr. Whitney was admitted freeman March 3, 1635-6; appointed Constable* of Watertown by the General Court, June 1, 1641; Selectman 1638 to 1655 inclusive, and Town Clerk, 1655.
His wife ELINOR, the mother of his eight sons, died May 11, 1659, aged 54, and he married, Sept. 29, 1659, JUDAH CLEMENT, who was not living at the date of his will, April 3, 1673. He died June 1, 1673, aged 74. Inventory, dated June 4, 1673; 50 A. Dividend land; 3 A. Beaver Brook meadow, and 1 1/2 A. upland; 1 acre plain meadow, besides his personal property, consisting of household goods and stock on the farm. This shows that he then held but a small part of his lands granted and purchased, which had probably been distributed to his sons.
1. 2. Children of JOHN and ELINOR WHITNEY.
3. I. John, b. in England 1624; d. in Wat. Oct. 12, 1692. See 3.
4. II. Richard b. in England 1626. See 4.
5. III. Nathaniel b. in England 1627; not mentioned in his father's will, probably d. young.
6. IV. Thomas b. in England 1629; d. in Wat. Sept. 20, 1719. See 6.
7. V. Jonathan b. in England 1634; d. in Sherburne about 1702. See 7.
8. VI. Joshua b. in Watertown, July 15, 1635; d. (?) in Groton 1719. See 8.
9. VII. Caleb buried in Wat. July 12, 1640.
10. VIII. Benjamin, b. in Wat. June 6, 1643; d. in Sherburne 1723. See 10.".