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Daniel T. Rogers(b. 1943) - all my relatives


Thomas Leavitt

1Victor Channing Sanborn, Thomas Levet of Exeter and Hampton, NEHGR Vol. 67, pp. 66, 79 (Jan. 1913).
"The name of Levet is not uncommon, and there is some doubt whether a connection exists between Thomas Levet of Exeter and Hampton and any group of early New England settlers. Thomas Levet was born in 1616, as appears from his death record and from a deposition of his, made in 1676 in the case of Drake v. Colcord (Mass. Ct. Assts., File No. 1566). He was thus born in the same year as William Wentworth, Christopher Lawson, and Edward Rishworth.
. . .
Thomas Levet died 28 Nov. 1696, "aged about* eighty," the town record says, and his will and inventory are on file at Concord, N. H. (Probate Records, vol. 2, p. 26, and vol. 3, p. 125.)
. . .
Isabel Levet, widoe, died 9 Feb. 1698/9, aged about 87, and her will and inventory are filed at Concord. (Probate Records, vol. 3, p. 165.)
. . .
The "three daughters," Isabel Towle, Jemima Knowles, and Kezia Tucker, were the three children of Isabel Bland by her first husband, Francis Asten.
The children and grandchildren of Thomas Levet may be arranged in a pedigree as follows:
2. i. HEZRON,2 b. 1644.
3. ii. ARETAS, b. abt. 1646.
4. iii. JOHN, b. abt. 1648.
5. iv. JAMES, b. 10 Nov. 1652.".

Isabella Smith Bland

1English Localities of American Emigrants, NEHGR Vol. 21, p. 316 (Oct 1867).
"The following Deposition explains itself. It shows the locality whence came the Drakes (and perhaps Levitts) of Hampton, New Hampshire, and a family of Blands.
DEPOSITION.---"Hampton in New Hampsheir, in New England. The deposition of Nathaniell Drake, aged about seaventie-eight year, and Abram Drake, aged about seaventie year, who saith that they have known Mr, John Bland, sometime a liver upon the Iland, commonly called Matthew's Vineyard, formerly a liver at Colchester, in England; we have also known Isabell Bland, now the wife of Thomas Levitt of Hampton, in New Hampsheir; we have known them both ever since wee were children and the said Isabell Bland, now the wife of Thomas Levitt, was always accounted to be the daughter of the above said John Bland; and wee have heard the above said John Bland to own the above said Isabell to be his daughter, and never heard nothing to the contrarie, never since wee can remember; and the above said John Bland was sometimes called, by some persons, John Smith, but his name, and his ancestors name, was called Bland.
"Nathaniel Drake and Abraham Drake appeared 27th of April, 1691, and made oath to the truth of all above written.
"Before me, Hennery Green, Justice of Peace."
"Taken from the Dukes County Records, Vol. I., page 282.---Transcripts, Vol. B, p. 216. January 18, 1867. By me Richard L. Pease, Clerk of Courts.
"Edgartown, Massachusetts, January 18, 1867.".".

Hezron Leavitt

1Ezra S. Stearns, William F. Whitcher, and Edward E. Parker, Genealogical and Family History of the State of New Hampshire: A Record of the Achievements of Her People in the . . ., Vol. 4, p. 1681 (1908).
"(II) Hezron, son of Thomas and Isabella (Bland) (Asten) Leavitt, who may have been their second child, died November 30, 1712, aged unknown. He married, September 25, 1667, Martha, probably a daughter of Anthony and Philippa Taylor, pioneer settlers, and the first of the name in Hampton. She died in 1716, Their children were: Lydia, John, James, Moses, Thomas, Mary, and perhaps Abigail and Sarah.".