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Daniel T. Rogers(b. 1943) - all my relatives


Robert Hicks

1Justin Windsor, Abstracts of the Earliest Wills, NEHGR Vol. 4, p. 282 (Jul. 1850).
"ROBERT HICKS. (Plymouth.)
"Deceased the 24th Mar., 1647." Inventory, July 5, by Wm. Paddy and Thomas Cushman. Amount £39. 13. Was formerly of Duxbury. His will, dated May 28, 1645. To his son Ephraim, his house at Plymouth, and land lately purchased of John Alden, and also land at Island Creek, on Duxbury side; his oldest son, Samuel; his wife, Margaret, to have the use of three rooms in his house during her lifetime, and to be Executrix of the will: To his grandson John Bangs; To Rev. John Reyner's son John; To John Watson; "To the younger of Mr. Charles Chauncey's souns, which his wife had at one birth, when hee dwelt at Plymouth;" To Plymouth town a "cow calfe:" To Wm Pontus, Phineas Pratt, John Faunce, Nathl. Morton, Thomas Cushman, 20. each; To Joshua Prat and Samuel Eddy, a suit of clothes. John Howland, Manasseh Kempton, and Thomas Cushman, Overseers. Witness Nathl. Souther.".