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Elizabeth Fuller +

1George Ernest Bowman, transcriber, Capt. Matthew Fuller's Will.
"CAPT. MATTHEW FULLER died at Barnstable between 25 July, 1678, the day he made his will, and 22 August, 1678, the date of the inventory. The will and inventory are recorded in the Plymouth Colony Wills and Inventories, Volume III, Part II, Pages 127 - 129.
[CAPT. MATTHEW FULLER'S WILL] [3: 2: 127] The five and twentieth Day of July in the yeer of our Lord one thousand six hundred seaventy and eight; I Mathew ffuller of the Towne of Barnstable in the Collonie of New Plymouth; being sicke of body but of Good and prfect memory thankes be unto almighty God; and Calling to Remembrance the uncertaine state of this transitory life and that all fflesh must yeild unto Death when it shall please God to Call; Doe make Constitute and ordaine; and Declare this my last will and Testament,
Item I Give and bequeath unto my Daughter Elizabeth Rowley the wife of Moses Rowley ten pounds in mony;."

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This shows that Elizabeth Fuller, the daughter of Matthew Fuller, married Moses Rowley.
Because Thomas Upson died 19 May 1655, and Elizabeth gave birth to Mercy on 20 Mar 1653 by Moses Rowley she could not have been married to both of them.

Edward Fuller +

1Robert Charles Anderson, The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England, 1620-1633, Vol. I-III, pp. 712-713 (1995).
ORIGIN: Leiden, Holland
MIGRATION: 1620 on Mayflower
ESTATE: In the 1623 Plymouth division of land Samuel Fuller Junior received three acres as a passenger on the Mayflower [PCR 12:4]. He was not included in the 1627 Plymouth division of cattle.
BIRTH: Baptized Redenhall, Norfolk, 4 September 1585, son of Robert Fuller [NEHGR 55:192].
DEATH: Plymouth shortly after 11 January 1620/1 [Bradford 446].
MARRIAGE: By about 1605 ____ _____; she d. Plymouth shortly after 11 January 1620/1 [Bradford 446].
i MATTHEW, b. say 1605; m. by about 1630 Frances _____ [TAG 61:198-99; MF 4:5-6]. (Although he wrote before the demonstration that Matthew was son of Edward, Paul Prindle prepared an excellent account of Matthew Fuller and his family [Ancestry of Elizabeth Barrett Gillespie ... (n.p. 1976), pp. 157-62].)
ii SAMUEL, b. about 1608; as "Samuell Fuller Junior" he is the third person in the eighth company (and in the household of his uncle Samuel Fuller) in the 1627 Plymouth division of cattle [PCR 12:11]; "Sammell Fowller" appears in the "1633" list of Plymouth freemen, just ahead of those admitted on 1 January 1634/5 [PCR 1:4]; assessed 9s. in the PPlymouth tax list of 27 March 1634 [PCR 1:28]; m. Scituate 8 April 1635 Jane Lothrop, daughter of Rev. John Lothrop [NEHGR 9:286].
ASSOCIATIONS: Brother of SAMUEL FULLER of Leiden and Plymouth.
COMMENTS: In his list of passengers on the Mayflower Bradford included "Edward Fuller and his wife, and Samuel their son" [Bradford 442]. In the accounting of the Mayflower families made in 1651, Bradfgord reported that "Edward Fuller and his wife died soon after they came ashore, but their son is living and married and hath four children or more" [Bradford 446].
The question of the paternity of Matthew Fuller was examined exhaustively by Bruce C. MacGunnigle, Robert M. Sherman and Robert S. Wakefield in 1986, and they came to the conclusion that Matthew was a son of EDWARD FULLER [TAG 61:194-99]. They also noted that the evidence connecting EDWARD FULLER and SAMUEL FULLER to Robert Fuller of Redenhall, Norfolk, is not so strong as might be desired, leaving open the possibility that future research might lead to a different ancestry for the two brothers [TAG 61:194]. . .".

Reverend John Lathrop +

1Gerald Ralph Fuller, Ancestors and Descendants of Andrew Lee and Clarinda Knapp Allen, pp. 28-29 (1952).
"JOHN LATHROP, bapt. 20 Dec, 1584, Etton, co. York, Eng. was a minister of the established Church of England at Egerton, Kent. Here he labored faithfully as long as he could approve the ritual on government of the Church. But, when he could no longer do this we find him conscientiously renouncing his orders. In 1623, he left the Church and joined with the Independents, becoming pastor of the First Independent Church of London for at least 8 years . They were forced to meet secretly. Agents of the bishop "tracked Mr. Lathropp and his followers to their retreat. Their meeting was suddenly invaded and 42 of their number were seized and sent in fetters to the Old Clink prison in Newgate, In the spring of 1634 all but Mr. Lathropp were released on bail, but he was deemed too dangerous to be set at liberty.
"During these months a fatal sickness was preying upon his wife, and bringing her fast toward her end. Of this sickness she died. He procured liberty of the bishop to visit his wife before her death, and commended her to God by prayer, who soon gave up the ghost. At his return to prison, his poor children being many, repaired to the bishop at Lambeth, and made known unto him their miserable condition, by reason of their good father's being continued in close durance, who commiserated their condition so far as to grant him liberty, who soon after came over into New England, " He came in the "Griffin" to Boston, 18 Sept. 1634, He settled 1st at Scituate, Mass. and removed to Barnstable 11 Oct, 1639, where he was pastor of churches. He md, 1st 10 Oct. 1610 at Eastwell, co. Kent, Eng. HANNAH HOWSE, b, abt. 1592, co. Kent, dau, of Rev. John Howse and his wife Alice ---. She d. in June 1634 near Lambeth, London, Eng. He md. 2d 17 Feb. 1635 at Scituate, Mass., Anna ---. She d. 25 Feb. 1688, Barnstable, Mass., He d. 8 Nov. 1653, Barnstable. Children, 1st b. at Eastwell, co. Kent., next 5 b. Egerton, co. Kent, the next 2 b. Lambeth, London, Eng, By 1st wife;
1. Thomas, bapt. 21 Feb. 1613, "J* 1/07 md. 11 Dec. 1639 Sarah (Ewer) Learned,
2. JANE. bapt. 29 Sept. 1614, d. bcf. 1683, md. 8 Apr. 1 635 SAMUEL FULLER, (see Knapp chapter).
3. Anne, bapt. 12 May 1616, bur. 30 Apr. 1617. 29
4. John, bapt, 22 Feb. 1618, d. bef. 1645; unmd.
5. Barbara, bapt. 31 Oct. 1619 md. 19 July 1638 John Emerson,
6. SAMUEL, b. 1622. d. 20 Feb. 1700 md. 1st ELIZABETH SCUDDER.
7. Joseph, b. 1624, will proved 9 Apr. 1702, md. 11 Dec. 1650 Mary Ansell.
8. Benjamin, b, abt. 1626, d. 5 July 1691, md, Martha ---. By 2d wife; 1st 2 b. Scituate, the rest b.- Barnstable, Mass,
9. Barnabas, bapt, 6 June 1636, d. 26 Oct. 1715 md. 1st 1 Dec. 1658 Susanna Clark, md. 2d Abigail (Button) Dodson.
10. Dau, , b, 30 July 1638, d, 30 July 1638.
11. Abigail^ bapt. 2 Nov. 1639, md. 7 Oct. 1657 James Clark.
12. Bathsha, bapt. 27 Feb. 1641-2, d. 8 Jan, 1723 md, 1st 1668 Benjamin Bale, md. 2d Alexander Marsh.
13. John, b, 9 Feb. 1644, d, 27 Sept, 1727 md. 1st 3 Jan, 1671-2 Mary Cole. md. 2d 9 Dec. 1698 Hannah (Morton) Fuller, Will 7 Oct, -19 Oct. 1738.
14. Son, b, and bur, 25 Jan, 1649,."

URL = http://www.archive.org/stream/ancestorsdescend00full/ancestorsdescend00full_djvu.txt.

Captain Matthew Fuller +

1William Hyslop Fuller, Genealogy of some Descendants of Captain Matthew Fuller, John Fuller of Newton, John Fuller of Lynn, John Fuller of. . ., Vol. 1, pp. 11-12 (1914).
"MATTHEW1 FULLER, b. ----- in England; d. in Barnstable, Aug., 1678; m. -----, Frances -----; b.-----, in England; d.----- in Barnstable.
MATTHEW1 FULLER probably b. 1603 in Redenhall Parish, in Harleston, Norfolk Co., England, came to America and settled in Plymouth, in 1640.
At this time he was married, and a parent. Of his early history, little is known, but he was diubtless acquiring the knowledge of surgery and military affairs which he afterwards put to good use. In April, 1642, the acres of land were granted him in Plymouth, and in the same year he was juryman and propunded freeman of the Colony, but was not sworn and admitted until June 7, 1653. In 1643 he was appointed sergeant in the military company of the Colony, of which Miles Standish was captain. About 1650, he removed to Barnstable. In 1653, he represented that town in the Colony Court, and was already Lieutenant of the militia there. June 20, 1654, he was appointed lieutenant under Capt. Standish of the Company of fifty men, the quota of Plymouth Colony, in the proposed expedition against the Dutch at Manhattan. All preparations had been made, when news of peace arrived and further service became unnecessary. Oct. 2, 1658, he was elected one of the Council of War, and in 1671 its chairman. and one of the magistrates of the Colonym and in the same year lieutenant of the forces to be sent against the Saconet Indians. Dec. 17, 1673, he was appointed Surgeon-General of the Colony troops, and also those of Massachusetts, if that Colony approved. For this service he was allowed 4 shillings a day. In King Phillip's War he was captain of the Plymouth forces. In the Quaker controversy, Capt. Fuller took a noble stand in favor of religious toleration. He lived near neighbors to some of the most prominent of the Quakers, and was connected by marriage alliances with some who felt the severity of the laws passed against the sect. He went so far as to censure this law in strong terms in public. For this he was fined by the magistrates. Though indiscreet in speech, the court continued to confer offices of trust and honor upon him,--a most unusual course which shows that his honor and beavery were never doubted. In his public and private life he was a man of sound judgment, of good understanding, faithful in performance of duty, liberal in politics, tolerant in religion. Captain Fuller was also the first regular physician settled in Barnstable. His homestead was in the northwest corner of Barnstable, at Scorton Neck. He also possessed large tracts in Falmoputh and Middleboro, granted for eminent services he had rendered the Colony. His will was dated July 25, 1678, and was proved Oct. 30th following. His estate was appraised at £1667,04,06, a very large amount for those times. Among the items is the following: "Pearls, precious stones and diamonds, at a guess, £200."
Inventory dated Aug. 22, 1676, £1677,04,06.
Barnstable Probate Rec.
2. Mary2, b. about 1625; m. April 17, 1650*, Ralph Jones, the Quaker, of barnstable; many descendants. She probably died before 1691, for she is not mentioned in Jones' will of 11th of 3rd month, 1691.
Children: Mehitabel3, b. 1651; Matthew3, ; Shubael3, Aug. 27, 1654; Jedediah3, Jan.4, 1656; John3, Aug. 14, 1659; Mercy3, Nov. 14, 1666; Ralph3, Oct. 1, 1669; Samuel3, Ephraim3, Mary3.
3. Elizabeth2, b. -----; m. April 22, 1652, Moses Rowley, of Falmouth, and East Haddam, Ct. She was living in East Haddam in 1714, and earlier. All the Rowley families of Falmouth, and East Haddam, Colchester, Chatham, Winchester, Sharon, and Kent, Ct., are descendants.
Children: Mary3, b. March 20, 1653; Moses3, Nov. 10, 1654; Shubael3, Jan. 11, 1660; MehitabelJan.11, 1660; Sarah3, Sept. 16, 1662; Aaron3, May 1, 1666; John3, Oct. 22, 1667; Matthew3, Nathan3.
4. Samuel2, b. -----; m. Mary-----.
5. John2, b. -----; m. 1, Bethiah -----. m. 2, Hannah Morton.
6. Anne2, b.-----; m. Samuel3 Fuller, (Samuel2, Edward1). see Vol. 1, page 33.".