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Daniel T. Rogers(b. 1943) - all my relatives


Lieutenant Francis Peabody

1Ezra S. Stearns, William F. Whitcher and Edward E. Parker, Genealogical and Family History of the State of New Hampshire: A Record of the Achievements of Her People in the . . ., Vol. 2, pp. 469-470 (1908).
"(II) Lieutenant Francis, son of John and Isabel Paybody, was born about 1614, at St. Albans, Hertforshire, England, and came to New England in 1635, and his name is enrolled in the list of those "imbarqued in the 'Planter,' Nicholas Trarice, master, * * * certified from the name Great St. Albans, in Hertfordshire, attesticons from the justice of peace, according to the lord's orders" Lieutenant Peabody resided first in Ipswich, Massachusetts, and was one of the original proprietors of Hampton (now New Hampshire) in 1638, whither he went with the Rev. Stephen Bachilor and twelve others.
. . .
He lived to an advanced age, dying February 19, 1698. His will was made three years previously, and proven August 7, 1698. His widow survived him more than seven years, passing away October 9, 1705. Her maiden name was Mary Foster. Many of their descendants have been men eminent for piety and distinguished for their patriotism and their achievemnets in literature and science. Mary Foster was the daughter of Reginald Foster (or Forster), whose family is honorably mentioned in some of Sir Walter Scott's poems. The children of Lieutenant Peabody were: John, Joseph, William, Isaac, Sarah, Hepsebah, Lydia, Mary, Ruth, Damaris, Samuel, Jacob, Anna and Nathaniel. (William and descendants are mentioned at length in this article).".