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Daniel T. Rogers(b. 1943) - all my relatives


Stephen Hopkins

1Sylvester Judd, Ancestors of Rev. Samuel Hopkins, D.D., of Newport, and Their Children, NEHGR, Vol. 5, p. 43 (Jan 1851).
"STEPHEN HOPKINS, only son of John, married Dorcas Bronson, daughter of John Bronson, of Farmington, and resided at Hartford. He died in 1689, and his widow in 1697. He names, in his will, six children, viz.: John, Stephen, Ebenezer, Joseph, Dorcas, Webster, and Mary Hopkins.".

Elder John White

1The Children of Robert White of Messing, Co. Essex, England, who Settled in Hartford and Windsor, NEHGR 55:22-29 (1901).
" According to his will, hereinafter given, he left a surviving wife Bridget; three sons--- Daniel, Nathaniel and John who was his youngest child; three married daughters--- Sarah, Mary and Elizabeth; and two unmarried daughters--- Bridget and Anna. As he makes his son Daniel joint executor with his wife, it may be inferred he was his eldest son, and possibly by a former wife. His wife Bridget was the mother of his other children, of whom Sarah, wife of James Botwell of Little Sailinge in Essex, was the first born.
It is believed that three of his daughters came with their husbands to New England, namely: Mary White, wife of Joseph Loomis of Braintree; Elizabeth White, wife of William Goodwin of Bocking; and Anna White, wife of John Porter of Felsted.
. . .
The Parish Register of Messing gives the marriage, December 26, 1622, of John White and Mary (Lev)it.
. . .
At the request of Mr. Frank F. Starr, of Middletown, Mr. William Brigg, editor of the Herts Genealogist and Antiquary, very kindly made a careful examination of this entry.
. . .
He writes to Mr. Starr as follows:
"In reference to this entry: all I need to say is that it is a most difficult one to read so far as the surname of the wife is concerned. In the tracing you will notice two faint lines where the initial letter of the name ought to appear. These lines were visible under a very strong magnifyoing glass, and the letters following are totally illegible until we come to the last two, viz. 'it,' which are clear enough. It struck me at once that the initial letter was 'L,' and I immediately searched the portions of the register in the same handwriting for a capital L, but failed to find one. Then I searched through the baptisms to see if there was any name ending in 'it,' during the period in which it might be supposed she was born, and again I failed to find anything satisfactory. Later on in the register, however, in the years 1633 and 1635, respectively, I came across the baptism of two children of Isaac Levit and Mary his wife, and I have very little hesitation in suggesting that the name of John White's wife was Levit. On my return home I looked again at the will of Robert White, printed in Mr. Goodwin's book, and found that a certain William Levett was one of the witnesses. I think you will agree with me that my suggestion is a very probable one."."

From this source it appears that John is the youngest child of Robert White and that his wife is Mary Leavitt. This rules out a John White who married Joan West.