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Daniel T. Rogers(b. 1943) - all my relatives


James Annis

1Annis Genealogy, The Essex Antiquarian, Vol.3, p. 187 (1899).
"49 JAMES ANNIS4, born in Bradford Sept. 9, 1743. He married Beulah -----, and lived in Andover.
Children, born in Andover:---
74--I. DIADAMA5, b. April 22, 1771.
75--II. JAMES5, b. Jan. 25, 1774.
76--III. BEULAH5, b. Sept. 22, 1775.".

John Annis

1Annis Genealogy, The Essex Antiquarian, Vol.3, pp. 185-186 (1899).
"24 JOHN ANNIS3 , born in Newbury May 1, 1700. He was a cordwainer; and lived in Newbury until 1732, when he sold out and removed to Haverhill, where he was living in 1741. He was of Bradford, husbandman, in 1750 and 1754, and a cordwainer in 1760. He returned to Newbury in 1760, and was living there in 1770. He married Abigail Rolfe of Bradford Dec. 16, 1724; and she was his wife in 1770.
42--I. EZRA4, b. March 25, 1726 in Newbury. See below (42).
43--II. SARAH4, b. June 12, 1729, in Newbury; probably d. young.
44--III. SARAH4, b. May 22, 1730-1, in Amesbury; probably m. Thomas Mitchel Jan. 18, 1756.
45--IV. ROLFE4, b. Dec. 21, 1734, in Haverhill. See below (45).
46--V. JOHN4, b. Feb.22, 1736-7, in Haverhill.
47--VI. CHARLES4, b. March 10, 1738-9, in Haverhill.
48--VII. JACOB4, b. Aug. 11, 1841, in Haverhill; yeoman; lived in Andover; and married Molly Haggit of Andover before 1764.
49--VIII. JAMES4, b. Sept. 9, 1743, in Bradford. See below (49).
50--IX. JESSE4, b. Aug. 8, 1745, in Bradford. See below (50).
51--X. ABIGAIL4, b. Sept. 9, 1747, in Bradford.".

Giles Badger

1Badger Genealogy, The Essex Antiquarian Vol. 5, p. 49 (Apr 1901).
"GYLES BADGER1 is at the head of the Essex county family of Badgers, He had a brother Nathaniel Badger, who probably returned to England before 1661, and was living in 1678. Coffin says that there was a brother Richard*, also, and that thwy were all of Newbury in 1635, Nathaniel's wife being named Hannah. Gyles married Elizabeth Greenleaf, and died in Newbury July 17, 1647. She married, secondly, Richard Brown of Newbury Feb. 10, 1647-8; and was widow Brown in 1677-8.
Only child,† born in Newbury :---
2-I. JOHN2, b. June 30, 1643. see below (2).".

Captain Edmund Greenleaf

1Brief Memoirs and Notices of Prince's Subscribers, NEHGR Vol. 10, p. 153 (1856).
"GREENLEAF, STEPHEN, M A., was a descendant of Edmund Greenleaf, who was born about 1600, and in 1635 came to this country, and settled in Newbury, Mass., with his wife Sarah, whom he had married in England, and had had several children by her there. About 1650 he removed to Boston, and there married a widow Hill. His will is dated Dec. 25, 1668, and proved Feb. 12, 1671; in which latter year he is supposed to have died. He was a dyer by trade. His children were, Judith, b. 1628, d. Dec. 15, 1705; Stephen, b. 1630; Enoch; another son, name unknown; Elizabeth; and two daughters, who m. respectively a Winslow and a Hilton. His daughter Judith m. Hirst, Henry Somerby of Newbury, and secondly Tristram Coffin, Jr.
Stephen Greenleaf, son of Edmund. lived in Newbury, where he m. in 1651, Elizabeth Coffin, his sister-in-law, and had ten children. His wife d. Nov. 19, 1678, and in March following he m. Mrs. Esther Swett, who survived him, and d. Jan. 16, 1718.
He was a militia captain, and was drowned at Cape Breton, Dec. 1, 1690. . . .".