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Daniel T. Rogers(b. 1943) - all my relatives


Robert Adams +

1Joshua Coffin, Descendants of Robert Adams, NEHGR Vol. 11, p. 53 (1857).
" ROBERT ADAMS was, according to uniform tradition, a native of Devonshire, England. The Adams family in that County claims, according to Burke's Commoners, to be lineally descended "from John Ap Adam of Charlton Adam in Somersetshire, who married Elizabeth, daughter and Heiress to John Lord Gourney of Beverston and Tidenham, County of Gloucester, and who was summoned to Parliament, as a Baron of the Realm, from 1296 to 1307. After residing for several generations at Charlton they subsequently removed to Devonshire." From the above mentione John Ap Adam descended Richard Adams, who married Margaret, a daughter of ------- Armager. This Richard had two sons, viz., Robert, who married Elizabeth Shirland, and William, who arried a daughter of ------ -------, Barrington. Henry, one of three sons of William, came to New England in 1630, and died in Braintree in 1646. Henry was the ancestor of John Adams, the second President of the United States. Robert and Elizabeth Adams had a son Robert, who is supposed,* but not certainly known, to be Robert Adams who came to Ipswich, New England, in 1635, with his wife Eleanor, thence to Salem as early as 1638, and finally settled in Newbury in 1640, on land still in possession of his descendants of the same name. He died, 12 October, 1682, aged 81. Eleanor his widow, died, 12 June, 1677. His second wife, Sara, widow of Henry Short, and whose maiden name was Glover, he married 6 February, 1678. She died 24 October, 1697. Robert and Eleanor Adams had children:---
(1) I. John,2 b. -----, and m. ----- Woodman.
(2) II. Joanna,(sup>2 b. ----- 1634, and m. Launcelot Granger,† 4 Jan. 1654.
(3) III. Serj. Abraham,2 (10) b. 1639, and m. Mary Pettingell, 10 Nov. 1670.
(4) IV. Elizabeth,2 -----, and m. Edward Phelps of Andover.
(5) V. Mary,2 b. -----, and m. Jeremiah Goodridge, 15 Nov. 1660.
(6) VI. Isaac,2 b. -----, 1648, and died unmarried.
(7) VII. Jacob,2 b. 23 April, 1649, and died young.
(8) VIII. Hannah,2 b. 25 June, 1650, and m. William Warham, 10 Feb. 1682.
(9) IX. Jacob,2 13 Sept. 1651, and m. Alice Ellen, 7 April, 1677.
(10) X. Archelaus,2 (70) b. ------, m. Sarah, March, 1698, and Sarah Green of Salisbury in 1719.".

Michael Bacon Jr.

1Leon Brooks Bacon, Michael Bacon and His Descendants, NEHGR Vol. 56, pp. 364-365.
"1. MICHAEL1 BACON, born probably in County Suffolk, England, came to America in 1640, and was one of the early settlers of Dedham, Mass.
. . .
His wife Alice died April 1, 1648, and he died the same month, April 18, 1648. His will, dated April 14, 1648, mentions all his children, except Alice, who died the previous month. Inventory. April 20, 1649, amounted to £54. 15. 04. (see REGISTER, Vol. 7, pages 230-1.)
His children, born probably in England, were:
2. i. MICHAEL2; Charlestown 1640, Woburn 1641, Billerica, about 1678; d. July 4, 1688.
3. ii. DANIEL; Woburn, 1640, Bridgewater, 1664. Cambridge Village (now Newton), about 1669; freeman, May 26, 1647; d. Sept. 7, 1691.
4. iii. JOHN; Dedham; freeman, 1647; d. June 17, 1683.
iv. ALICE, m. March 31, 1647, Thomas Bancroft of Dedham. He d. March 24, 1648. She d. March 29, 1648.
v. SARAH, m. April 14, 1648, Anthony Hubbard of Dedham. She d. 1652.".

Michael Bacon III

1Leon Brooks Bacon, , Michael Bacon and His Descendants, NEHGR Vol. 56, p. 365 (Oct 1902).
"2. MICHAEL2 BACON (Michael1), born probably in England, came to Dedham in 1640, with his father. He was of Charlestown, Dec. 18, 1640, where he subscribed to "Town Orders" for the then projected town of Woburn, of which he shortly after became one of its original inhabitants.
Michael Bacon,of Woburn, bouth of Roger Shaw, in 1648, a farm in the northwesterly part of Cambridge (now Bedford), including "all the meadow adjoining to the great swamp near the east corner of Concord bounds, that falls on Cambridge bounds," The Shawshire River runs from this "great swamp, " on which Mr. Bacon is said to have erected, before 1675, a mill which was very recently, if it is not not now, standing. He was chosen, April 13, 1644, surveyor of highways for the town of Woburn. In a mortgage recorded June 8, 1675, he is alluded to as a citizen of Billerica. In August, 1675, the toen of Billerica, when providing defense afgainst the Indians in King Philip's War, assigned Michael Bacon to garrison "No. 10," uder command of Timothy Brooks. He married first, Mary ------, who died Aug. 26, 1655; married second, Oct. 26, 1655, Mary Richardson, who died May 19, 1670; and married third, Nov. 28, 1670, Mary Noyes. He died July 4, 1683.
His children, all by his first wife, were:
5. i. MICHAEL3, b. 1640; Charlestown and Woburn, 1640, Billerica, 1666, Bedford, 1682; d. Aug. 13, 1707.
ii. ELIZABETH, b. Jan. 4, 1642, in Woburn.
iii. SARAH, b. Aug. 24, 1644, in Woburn.".

Michael Bacon IV

1George Thomas Little, Henry Sweetser Burrage and Albert Roscoe Stubbs, Genealogical and Family History of the State of Maine, Vol. 2, p. 530 (1909).
"(III) Michael (3), only son of Michael (2) and Mary Bacon, was born in 1640, probably at Charlestown, before his father settled at Woburn, and died in Bedford, August 13, 1707. He is recognized by his father in a deed dated October 4, 1666, as his "loving son, Michael Bacon, Jun., of Billerica, shoemaker."
. . .
Michael married, March 22, 1660, Sarah, a daughter of Thomas Richardson. She died August 15, 1694. Their children were: Mary, Sarah, Abigail, Jonathan, Nathaniel, Josiah, Ruth, Benjamin and Joseph.".